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light up my mornings

| | Comments (2) carries the new candeloo which is a light and alarm clock. Candeloo's are the lights that magically charge through a base unit (okay, electrical magic).
Anyhow. I wonder if this one turns on the light when you turn off the alarm?

$60 might not be too much to get up in time for 7 am class. On the other hand, I'm hoping only to have this "lovely" early start for this quarter.

hooked up baby


DSL all set up again for the entire network. YAY! And saved ourselves a good chunk of change. Turns out I was almost set up except for a few small things. Good good. Back to the world of the wired.

Knitting - been using my secret pal yarn to start a freeform purse except my dog got a little enthusiastic the other day and did what dogs with poor bladders do. Yes, the tiny segment I started is washed and I'm waiting for it to dry so I can continue knitting with dry yarn.

Just finished A Little Snow Fairy Sugar which is a cutesy cutesy anime and great warm and fuzzy feelings. Then watched a few dvd's of Marmalade Boy, an anime from 10 years ago (classic), in fast forward. What a whiner. Just polished off a few dvd's of Texhnolyze which is basically like Lain and I wouldn't be surprised at all if the entire production crew is the same. Yes, I watch quite a few different types of anime. Oh and Bleach

Daily routine is fairly staid right now. It's cold and I'm hungry. Gonna go find socks and food.



So my dsl modem died which isn't such a huge sad but the $199 SBC wants to charge for a new modem is a bit silly. Picked up a zoom x5 from Fry's for about $60 and after some tinkering, I seem to be able to get it working when I used DHCP and NAT plugging my computer directly into the box. However, I haven't brought up the router so the house network can't connect to dsl yet... Yes, essentially this means I'm sitting under my mom's desk with a notebook and dying battery.

I think I'll let my dad have a go at it tomorrow. After all, I know the new modem works. Ohhhh. And must call early tomorrow to cancel appt with SBC service (for them to bring me a new $199 piece-o-junk).

My piece of SBC provided junk was a Netopia Cayman. We purchased it in September 2003 and it died on Thursday, Oct 22nd. 1 year warrantee. *fumes a bit*
Alrighty. Time to go to bed so I can roll over and call customer service at 7 am.

thursday night - start of the weekend

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Bob Dylan was on campus Thursday night giving a concert and guess where I was? Yes, approximately a building away in Engineering on the third floor in class. I shared the parking lot with the concert-goers but that's about as wild as my time got. Unless you'd like to hear about covariant and invariant inheritance.

not much


Not much is going on these days except for school work, sleep, and some light reading. I've gotten back into the fantasy genre a bit with Tamora Pierce who writes fantasy for kids and I remember what I like about non-fluff genres. Actual intellectual thought while enjoying yourself.

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