not much


Not much is going on these days except for school work, sleep, and some light reading. I've gotten back into the fantasy genre a bit with Tamora Pierce who writes fantasy for kids and I remember what I like about non-fluff genres. Actual intellectual thought while enjoying yourself.

Having said that, I finally received Laurell K Hamilton's newest book, Cerulean Sins, from my bookclub today. This book was released almost two weeks ago and what I'm guessing is bookclub inefficiency delayed it until now. Please let me explain why I still read a series I've grown somewhat distasteful of (and continue to give the author money). This is the most recent installment of a long series. I picked up the series long before it became so mainstream- when the main character had very rigid morals and an attitude problem that would scare off the most hardened of inmates. Then her morals began to get more and more flexible while the attitude just kinda grew. It wasn't until the last four books or so in the series that she's pretty much become a polyandrist So now instead of rooting for her, I root for the poor guys. In a way, she's become more of a villain than the monsters she slays. Let's just say this series isn't for most.

In my other spare time I've been watching A Little Snow Fairy Sugar and it has almost come to an end. A new series I'm starting to follow is Bleach, recommended by Robin. It's a fun action based anime where a kid suddenly becomes a soul reaper. Kinda like an anime version of Dead Like Me