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'Cause on some days, a little octolove is what gets you through it.


Privilege of Lotion

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According to the TSA, we can now take travel size toiletries (3 oz or less) in a carry-on, if you can fit them all into a quart size bag. There's 32 flouid ounces in a quart. Yay! REI sells a set of nalgene bottles that are square would probably fit in a quart zip bag.

Yay for allowing a small amount of Liquids, Gels, and Aerosols! You can also bring on beverages purchased after the security checkpoint.

Miles of Moss Stitch before I Sleep

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While I have a few projects on the back burners, this one is the one I'm trying to plow through so I can finish it! It is the Berocco Brea Bag with a cabled lotus pattern in Dale Heilo... from existing Stash! I fully expect my mother to steal this bag once she sees it because it is actually purple # 5036 (possibly discontinued). The cables are fun and fast but the moss stitch strapping and gusset is taking for-e-ver. The gusset is over 24 inches right now and I'm on Miles of Moss Island.

Now I'm on the lookout for a cool handle, possibly in black.

OK Go Again!

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I somehow missed being on of the five million people who caught the new OK Go dance routine. OK Go, I nominate you for the most innovative Lo-Fi Music Video!

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