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venus hum


Saw this while watching FREEVIEW on directv with Blue Man Group. Recommend watching the Blue Man Group's Rock tour if you surf by it on tv. Pretty spiff and they also feature the music video they did with Dave Matthews. Blue Man Group videos including Venus Hum in the Leno Section where they perform a version of I Feel Love. I love Annette of Venus Hum's dress (DSL and real player needed) and here! for the official music videos.

Anyhow. The featured band is Venus Hum which is a bit eletronica, vocal, and quite peppy. It's a head bop happy type of music :)

pimpin mike


Once again, Mike Lee of Computer Science at UCD fame has come up with some great music. My fave is Red Sunset. Good goin Mike.
Post a comment if ya like it!

armitage tunes back up


not am or fm, internet radio


I randomly find some good internet radio stations to hog bandwidth and spruce up the working hours.
Today's new selection:


Hmm, nice mix. Some things I don't particularly care for, but good for late night when you don't want to listen to talk Though sometimes, you just want to know about London's rush hour traffic.