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Drop the phone--now | CNET

If dirty looks and frequent shushing aren't enough to get you to change your mobile phone habits, then welcome to St. Petersburg, Fla., where inconsiderate phone use will get you a shot of mace and a visit from Johnny Law.

Can we all say Huzzah! The only public place you're safe from the cell phone is in an airplane. Though, I've often thought that airplanes should have a "quiet cabin" like amtrak now has. Ban the screaming tots and people who sing along to their music. No movies in this cabin. Shut the shades and don't drool on the person next to you. It's not that I don't feel for the parents and kids, it's just that I also feel for myself.



While in SF for July 4th, we went to a Chinese restaurant next to a cute store called Genki. Aside from having crepes, it had an astonishingly decent stock of Japanese Candy. Possibly even more than the usual assortment at the local Nijiya.

Another recent(ish) find is the Ichiban Kan in Japantown above the parking structure on the second floor. I call it the Japanese Dollar Mart and you will find Japanese goods there for about a dollar. They do carry items which are much more than a dollar, of course (not being a true dollar store) but it does remind me of the 100 Yen stores in Japan. Predictably, Ichiban sells lots of plastic cases, baskets, tupperware-ish containers, and etc for my undying love and devotion.

foggy fireworks


Trekked up to near Ghiradelli Sq. to see the Fourth of July fireworks. What we did see was colored fog, sometimes. Due to budget cutbacks, they launched only on the right side of the inlet instead of both sides as they used to in "the good ol' days". Saw some sporadic fireworks displays on the way home on 101.

And yes, it was cold in SF.

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