So my dsl modem died which isn't such a huge sad but the $199 SBC wants to charge for a new modem is a bit silly. Picked up a zoom x5 from Fry's for about $60 and after some tinkering, I seem to be able to get it working when I used DHCP and NAT plugging my computer directly into the box. However, I haven't brought up the router so the house network can't connect to dsl yet... Yes, essentially this means I'm sitting under my mom's desk with a notebook and dying battery.

I think I'll let my dad have a go at it tomorrow. After all, I know the new modem works. Ohhhh. And must call early tomorrow to cancel appt with SBC service (for them to bring me a new $199 piece-o-junk).

My piece of SBC provided junk was a Netopia Cayman. We purchased it in September 2003 and it died on Thursday, Oct 22nd. 1 year warrantee. *fumes a bit*
Alrighty. Time to go to bed so I can roll over and call customer service at 7 am.