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Rock It like a Rocket!

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Just how awesome are these guys? Dance along to A Million Ways to be Cool
Watch it. You know you want to see four men in suits dance and lip synch amazingly well. UPDATE As far as I know, they aren't pros at doing the music video thing. I checked them out and this is by the band Ok Go They have other fun music videos. Sorta wish it were just four guys getting together to do a dance-along and not pros, though. This might be a rehearsal or could just be the final cut. I like the whole dance video concept though, since filming an entire dance sequence and not splicing it together is almost a lost art these days.

>> embeded update to the update <<
They have dance routines at their live performances
<< end update to the update >>
Now I know why the music is so damn catchy ;)

But do not despair, daily dancer does give us his daily one man dance rendition!
Wait wait! You want to become an awesome dancer just like that? Where do you get started? Learn some discotanssin!
Legal Disclaimer: Should you try to execute these moves outside your home, you know- in public, and want to impress some stranger who may not adore your quirky personality, I take no blame whatsoever if said stranger takes counteractive measures to escape with their sanity intact. Their reactions may include eye rolls, cold shoulders, drinks "accidentally" tipped, drinks not so accidentally tipped, phantom voices calling their name in a loud loud club, phone calls on their cell phone which never rang, outright dissing, intentional accidental injuries, and even lethal kung fu combat moves in attempts to escape.

Of course, they might think you're absolutely awesome. Maybe you'll get groped instead.

Grab yourself some Creative Commons licensed music that allows you to perform the work for free, find your camcorder, call some friends, and get your groove on baby.

Read on for Howto be a l33t media geek:

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