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I so crafty


Have you ever made marble magnets? Basically, you take one of the flat floral like marbles, some cute print design, and glue the paper to the bottom of the marble. Super cute! For more info check out this blog I think I could pick up most of this stuff at Walmart. She also mentions using a half domed round from tap plastics.



Went and saw the 12:01 viewing of Spiderman 2 with Char. I justified this as my youthful deed for my 24th year. The sequel to Spiderman opened today and there were a bunch of obnoxious males sitting behind us and one kept on making the Chewbaca noise. Okay a few times, ten times, even 15, but once it hits like every 4 minutes, well. Let's just say it's a good thing I didn't bring my knitting because it might have been the murder weapon. And they confiscate those. There'd go my current project.

As for the film, I felt it was better than the first. At least in humor. The movie did make fun of itself intentionally this time whereas last time it was quite unintentional. The action was good, story about action average (no huge surprises really), and I only noticed that my posterior was asleep as the credits started to roll. Really, I had more fun laughing at the movie and how they kinda make it self-deprecating. All in all, a decent justification for the $10 and 3 hours of my time. Possibly not a justification for the neanderthals behind us making farting noises on their arms. They were in their twenties and without dates. The teens in front of us were more well behaved.

MT upgraded


Once again MT has been upgraded. This time it's MT3.0D And most of the upgrades are seen by the author (not user) so don't expect too much. The input text boxes are bigger which is handy so I don't go blind.

If you have 1 author, 3 blogs or less, and only intend to use this for personal blogging, this version of MT is free. If you don't meet the qualifications, be prepared to pay. Lots. Try WordPress which is Free. (And it seems to intend to stay that way)

which way does the water flush down the hole


Countries I've been to. There's also a US Map version. Someday I'm going to really have to think about all the states I've been to.

create your own visited country map
or write about it on the open travel guide

I suck so much that you suck


Have you ever seen something that was so superior that you wanted it but you were budgeting so you just thought "You suck! Why does your existence tempt me!"
No? Oh, well, lucky you.

Here are my two "You suck 'cause you're so cool" links for today

knitting, more expensive than anime


I just spent $40-ish on materials after I wandered into Knitting Arts in Saratoga. It wasn't a pure pleasure trip since I went in to get materials for the Aline bag from knitty.com which suggests raffia yarn.

(the title refers to the saying anime, crack is cheaper )

The yarns I purchased were:
* Katie Venecia-00
* Tahki Yarns Lily-08
* Crystal Palace Shimmer - 1743 (which had to be rewound since it was so played with)

Also picked up a pair of Plymouth#10 24" circulars which are nonrefundable. I had traded in Clover #8 16" circ's for Addi Turbo #8 16" circulars in research for working on the Harry Potter scarves which I'd purchased at Uncommon Threads (refundable).

I haven't yet decided which yarn to use for the scarves. The options are Unger Utopia (Acrylic), Plymouth Encore (25%Wool & 75% Acrylic), and Nature Spun (100% Wool). What would people prefer to wear? I'm leaning towards the Acrylic or Acrylic blend. I like the blend but it's a tad more expensive. The blend works well on Addi Turbo's but the acrylic may work better on bamboo.

new lingo - fiber tramp

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Aren't I pretty


Saw the third Harry Potter movie (excellent!) and once again wondered if Malfoy was actually that blonde. I mean, that hair is terribly terribly blonde and reminds me of Saved by the Bell's Zach (who was originally blonde when a kid then a bottle blonde as he grew older) or Marilyn Monroe blonde. Well, did a quick search and came up with the Tom Felton page where oh well. The picture shows it best really. He also tools around in a BMW so I guess he and the Macolm in the Middle kid (the one with the spy movies) both like cars and like to purchase cars even when they couldn't drive.

On a side note, I was perplexed as to why my lasagne wasn't heating up in the toaster oven. Someone had unplugged it...

Harry Potter Scarves


For those of you who have gotten back into the Harry Potter Craze, here are patterns to knit the Hogwarts Scarves

I'll start on these after the summer for Christmas gifts. She has the new style HP3 scarves too. She also sells them for $63 a pop + shipping. Hey people, knitting is time consuming!

fizz fizz rip rip store


I set my sights on this fuzzy cell phone bag made out of fizz in the Berry Parfait shade. Many tries later, I gave up in frustration. The problem was that it required a knit and slip stitch sequence, and I just couldn't see the actual thread because of the eyelashes (fuzzy yarn like this is called eyelash). I'd tried wetting them down but that didn't work either. Normally, if it were the same stitch over and over and I dropped a stitch with this yarn, it wouldn't be that noticeable.
The pattern suggested a mockup using a regular yarn and I used some of my leftover rowan polar which stitched up nicely. Next time I make something fuzzy, it's going to be a thicker yarn in the center. Saving money isn't worth the agony. Basically, knitting with fizz is a bit like knitting with dental floss, the yarn is that thin. Actually, to be more blunt, it rather reminds me of frayed dental floss.
This ball of yarn is going back into the "save for later" stash.

site layout tweak?

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After seeing moxie graphic designers' portfolio it makes me want to remodel. I don't know if I'll change the colors but I may change the layout and add some graphics. I happen to love these colors. In fact, here's a photo from my yarn collection I've started .

My mother likes to call that green moldy green. So I'll be thinking about how to improve the layout (looking through the moxie portfolio probably). I don't need a new innovative layout since I like the current one just fine. However, it could use some nice accents punches and graphic interest.

yes really, crafts.

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Some people may be amused to learn that I'm actually quite handy and like to busy myself with craft projects. Yes yes, you thought all I did was sleep, drink tea, and read novels (most of which are bad). Oh, and sit in front of the computer. Others who have known me longer (and longest) will probably read this and think that it would be quite self-evident. In fact, I became an engineer because I'm good with my hands and fixing things. I even included my love for working with my hands in my B.S. statement of purpose about how my first toolset was a gift from my grandfather in my early youth, much to my parents amusement and dismay.