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Drop the phone--now | CNET News.com

If dirty looks and frequent shushing aren't enough to get you to change your mobile phone habits, then welcome to St. Petersburg, Fla., where inconsiderate phone use will get you a shot of mace and a visit from Johnny Law.

Can we all say Huzzah! The only public place you're safe from the cell phone is in an airplane. Though, I've often thought that airplanes should have a "quiet cabin" like amtrak now has. Ban the screaming tots and people who sing along to their music. No movies in this cabin. Shut the shades and don't drool on the person next to you. It's not that I don't feel for the parents and kids, it's just that I also feel for myself.



While in SF for July 4th, we went to a Chinese restaurant next to a cute store called Genki. Aside from having crepes, it had an astonishingly decent stock of Japanese Candy. Possibly even more than the usual assortment at the local Nijiya.

Another recent(ish) find is the Ichiban Kan in Japantown above the parking structure on the second floor. I call it the Japanese Dollar Mart and you will find Japanese goods there for about a dollar. They do carry items which are much more than a dollar, of course (not being a true dollar store) but it does remind me of the 100 Yen stores in Japan. Predictably, Ichiban sells lots of plastic cases, baskets, tupperware-ish containers, and etc for my undying love and devotion.


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All done! knit in a 2*2 rib, washed, and blocked (because of the ribbing)
Yarn- Mission Falls 1824 Wool 100% merino superwash
3 balls in Ink purchased for $5.80 each from LYS = 255 yards
Needles - Addi Turbo #8 16 inch circulars (from LYS)
Finished size - approx 60" * 4"

Cast on 32 stitches using long tail cast on.
Knit all three balls of yarn in 2*2 knit rib after having a minor panic and visiting the LYS for some advice.
Bind off.
Weave in ends.
Tuck in a sweater bag and pop it into washer on delicate cycle, warm water, and woolite. Remember, superwash wool is more washer friendly than normal wool.
Blocked by folding it up and tugging to make the ribbing wider. (thin scarves look a bit girly to me)
Snip off loose ends that have now been "washed in" a bit so hopefully they'll stay better.

Knit Vibes (watched while knitting)
Lain DVD's 1-4 (okay. cute hats)
How to Deal (sorry jay, girly vibe scarf)
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (not as bad as the reviews said)
Azumanga Daioh DVD 1 (kitty!)
Agent Cody Banks 2 (not as good as the first one)
Madlax Ep 14
--yes, this scarf has lamentable taste in movies.

I like how it turned out! While I'm not sure it's long enough (it's long enough on me but jay is quite a bit taller than me) the washed yarn gives off this great luster and shine. While outdoors it proclaims "I am high quality!" with the sheen high quality wool has. I was worried it wouldn't be soft but definitely soft enough to wear next to your skin after washing. If I would change anything, I'd have made it a wider rib in the first place, perhaps cast on 44, so I wouldn't have to block it wider and thrown in another ball of yarn to make it longer, too. I wouldn't have guessed that I'd need another ball of yarn, but this was my first experience with rib stitch.

And no, it's not purple. In fact, while indoors it looks like black. It's a combo of the flash and my webpage color. It was meant to be a dark blue and is a dark blue. Jay said he liked navy blue better than royal blue (or was it that he didn't know what color royal blue was?).

jay's scarf

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I've swatched Jay's 2*2 ribbed scarf using the Mission Falls Superwash Wool on the suggested #8 needles. However, I'm not really satisfied with it because the ribbing is a bit looser than I'm used to (not that I'm experienced at this). I'm thinking of taking the swatch to the yarn store and seeing if I should go down a needle size to get a tighter weave. As it is, any wind would defeat the purpose of a scarf. The holes are so large that I don't think washing would really "fill in the gaps".

See the large image to get a better idea. And psst, the cloth underneath that is some ivory stretchable silk to line James' cell phone cozy (it's a kitty shaped cell phone cozy).

Update: took a jaunt to Uncommon Threads (LYS- Local Yarn Store) and they said it looked like the right gauge. If it were tighter, it'd get stiff and stifling. Since the yarn is wool, I was assured that it'll be plenty warm. The scarf will be snuggly if kept a bit loose and prevent Jay from overheating (Please, no comments about the "hotness" of Jay here).

yarn stash


I've added three balls of Mission Falls 1824 Superwash Wool to my collection. It's a dark inky blue and will be made into a nice scarf for Jay who refuses to wear a girly scarf from an anime... Punk (it'd be cute, but yeah, they'd make fun of you) Jay's going off to a cold cold town in Japan to teach English to kiddies. He'll be going at the end of this month and he'd better take the scarf with him. Choosing the yarn was a great big debate which involved two people other than me at the yarn store yesterday. He said he liked navy blue and that it was really cold there. Hence the dark blue wool. However, I'm also sure that Jay is oblivious to yarn/wool care and wouldn't know not to machine wash it... That'd result in a teddy-bear sized scarf... Hence the superwash. Superwash means the yarn will not felt. I also wanted something soft enough so he'd actually wear it. The Classic Elite inca alpaca was extremely soft but the Mission Falls wool or Debbie Bliss Merino Aran was machine washable and more practical. The Mission Falls won due to yardage/price (85 yards/$5.80 versus DB 50 yards/$6).

I guess since I'm honoring Jay with a scarf, perhaps I should give one to our New York University bound Kalyan. He may get an alpaca or merino version. Kalyan is so cautious that I bet he'd remember to handwash. It's kinda fun taking personalities into consideration when you knit something for someone. Some people get cold ears/hands, others would toss a merino wool sweater into the washer (NOT a good idea) and possibly add a few pairs of jeans (don't do this unless you want to ruin it), and some can't stand the style of knit-wear. Everyone has certain colors they like/dislike (my female friends will probably never receive something in baby pink) and fabric/care opinions.

knit another few rounds


The Bag is coming along nicely now that I've given up on the lace pattern. Just not ready for that yet, I guess. It caused me much strife in counting the intended amount of stitches before coming up short in the end.

Also blocked out Zeeby's bag I'm making for my mom from SnB book. I blocked using t-pins, foamcore, two plastic garbage bags, and a plastic grid I found in the clearance section of Michael's for $2 (woohoo for cheap stuff!)

Also picked up Lion Brand polarfleece yarn for a $5 at Michael's. While it's not that easy to knit (and I'm using Addi Turbo's so that shound make it easier) and my stitches are always far far too tight, the yarn is so soft. My mom said it felt like the coat of a poodle puppy we met Sat. Night. He was the cutest floppy anything goes dog. And he didn't shed or smell. I had tried to get it to shed on Dennis but no go.

foggy fireworks


Trekked up to near Ghiradelli Sq. to see the Fourth of July fireworks. What we did see was colored fog, sometimes. Due to budget cutbacks, they launched only on the right side of the inlet instead of both sides as they used to in "the good ol' days". Saw some sporadic fireworks displays on the way home on 101.

And yes, it was cold in SF.