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Product Dissapointment

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Do you ever buy yourself a little luxury product then get disgruntled when it doesn't work as advertised?

I bought some hair shine stuff, based on the recommendation of the sales girl at the beauty store, in hopes that it would perk up the shine quotient for my hair. I forked over the $30, figuring if someone has the gall to charge twice what other hair product companies charge, it should probably work. Probably.
I put a little of the Tigi Dream Drops onto my palms and tried to imitate a hair dresser by rubbing my palms together and swiping them through my hair.
Lean into the mirror, decide nothing has really changed.
Wonder if applying some heat would help and break out the hair dryer.
Not much change.
Attack it with a boar bristle hair brush to spread the oils.
Wonder and hope that there was a difference.
Go to my brutally honest parents and ask them. They mock me.
Go to dinner with family friends. Am a little tired and quiet, feeling a little foolish for paying that much for a non-working product. Am mocked again by my mother who claims I am sulking.
(This is not horrible or traumatic. We all have healthy ego's and self-esteem)

Good thing it says Satisfaction Guaranteed. I'm not satisfied and I'm not going to be shy about asking the manufacturer for $30 back. That's a good bit of yarn, a nice meal, or something else that does what it promises.

What do you do when a product doesn't work as well as you hoped? Does the price matter?

I'm also considering a ceramic Flat Iron for my hair in attempts to appease the detractors who insist I attempt to have a hairstyle (also related to me). Any recommendations for products that actually work for the absurd amount of money they cost?

In yarn updates, I stopped by Full Thread Ahead and picked up some Hand Maiden Sea Silk, Fleece Artist Sea Wool, and oooooooohh so soft Misti Cotton. And a hot pink camouflage (yes. hot pink camo) camp counselor t-shirt for the sock camp next month. It deserves a post. I may be short but I'll be noticeable.

We ate, we saw, we shopped

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I ate more food than most people would believe I could consume in a week, never mind a weekend. There was laughter, Ocean's Eleven after we wandered through the Bellagio, and yes, I sacrificed $30 to slot machine/hotel offer powers-that-be.
It was muy fantastico to see my best friend Melissa and enjoy the hot Vegas weather.



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Okay, so I admit I'm a bit crazy about Japanese Yen/Dollar Stores1. They sell fantastic stuff of decent quality at affordable prices. Cookie made me out to seem like a plastic consuming monster with the sparse selection of Sheepish photos she posted. "Selection" would be the operating keyword here.


This is what Cookie *really* bought. Yeah. I might be small but I'm a good enabler.


The awesomeness of Japantown Kitsch.


No Japan for me this spring but I still got to see some nice blossoms.

And for those of you who don't mind the non-knitting non-knitter animal related content, please welcome the newest member of our family:


His name is Okey as in "okey dokey" (thank my mother). He's a little cockapoo puppy. And yes, for those of you who met Snowball who sadly passed away last year, this is another white dog; it wasn't intentional. This one doesn't shed. Yay! He's not as peppy or quick on the uptake as Snow, but he's already figured out how to piddle in the wrong spots. Good thing we look where we step.

1 Ichiban Kan - 22 Peace Plz # 540 San Francisco map
Yes, I've been to Daiso and the collection of cute stuff at Ichiban Kan is much easier to navigate. Daiso has a larger assortment of goods, though.