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I'm old. I now talk about "when I was young", especially when this type of Heat Wave hits town for weeks at a time. "When I was young, the summers weren't this hot, were they?" I ask my parents. When you're a child, you remember heat, sure, but any number of summery things lay fond overtones to the memory. Things like popsicles, sunblock, and waterparks. Now, you wish you were in an air conditioned office because your home feels like a sauna after 2pm.

This isn't ordinary heat for us:


It feels like 106 Degrees right now in Cupertino. Luckily, I live in a slightly cooler area nearby at an estimated 99 degrees. Yesterday, it was honestly 102 here (real temp, not feel temp).

The actual high seems to be a good bit higher than the projected high.


I went to the Japanese Market last night and stocked up on popsicles. The fridge now has some funky flavored popsicles: coffee, Black Bean and Sesame, and White Rose which turned out to be milk. Some kind of Unprocessed milk. Guess I should have paid more attention in Chinese School 'cause my mom read the carton when I got home. Who'd have figured White Rose was Milk? Update: White Rose turns out to be the brand. Note to self- Green Hokkaido rolling hills on package means milk. (Hokkaido is famous for milk and milk products) Oh, these popsicles are about the size of two small packs of gum. Portion sizes are "cute" but it'd take two of these popsicles to equal the size of an American Haagen Daaz bar. (They sell Haagen Daaz in Japan, too. But I'd guess they're smaller)

I'd ask for my California Bay Area weather back except I'm told that this happens every year. I remember it got really warm last year, too.

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