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pencil lead


I have three little plastic containers full of my favored Pentel Hi-Polymer Ain in H hardness sitting on my desk now. 0.5 mm, in case you're wondering. I like fine point. I don't think I need to buy anymore... Which is good because I haven't seen it at Maido recently.
Okay. I'm dizzy. How odd.

feeling so darn unintellectual

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Feeling.. well, what the topic says.
Was surfing at Kalyan's and Alex's sites blogs full of deep (or pithy) musings and good works leaves me feeling inferior... Which no doubt was not their intent but a great side benefit ;)
I swear, I'm intellectual, did I not just watch Trading Spaces 100 Grand? My verdict on that was I liked Doug's room more than Laurie's for an odd change, and Ty's still a childish cutie. Plus he frosts his hair which is just somewhat sissy but I'm sure he could claim it's from being "outdoorsy". Both of the hardwood floors were nice, though. I feel like I should include comments on several famous designers and architects just to prove my intelligence... I have a membership to the SFMOMA! I'm not just a brainless bit of fluff that likes watching design shows!
Then again, why am I trying to prove this to you? Baugh.

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