hooked up baby


DSL all set up again for the entire network. YAY! And saved ourselves a good chunk of change. Turns out I was almost set up except for a few small things. Good good. Back to the world of the wired.

Knitting - been using my secret pal yarn to start a freeform purse except my dog got a little enthusiastic the other day and did what dogs with poor bladders do. Yes, the tiny segment I started is washed and I'm waiting for it to dry so I can continue knitting with dry yarn.

Just finished A Little Snow Fairy Sugar which is a cutesy cutesy anime and great warm and fuzzy feelings. Then watched a few dvd's of Marmalade Boy, an anime from 10 years ago (classic), in fast forward. What a whiner. Just polished off a few dvd's of Texhnolyze which is basically like Lain and I wouldn't be surprised at all if the entire production crew is the same. Yes, I watch quite a few different types of anime. Oh and Bleach

Daily routine is fairly staid right now. It's cold and I'm hungry. Gonna go find socks and food.