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books books books

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These are books I will hold off on buying but want desperately. This means I hope you will buy them for me and put me out of waiting misery please please?!

Stitch and *itch Nation (rhymes with...)

Book I've heard good things about

I'll keep on filling this list. Gotta jet!

rabid laziness


While my brain is falsely telling me I have spare time, my schedule is telling me otherwise.

Came home from midterm #2 and sat down to tv and knitting. I finished up the right hand mittenette a few days ago but just started the left hand mittenette. A few hours (heavenly. me. knitting. bad tv) of knitting has almost resulted in a left mittinette. Just missing a thumb and weave in a few more ends then voila! Warmer hands in my cold cold house. Okay, as cold as I, a wimpy Californian, can stand before my fingers stop wanting to move when typing.

Off to bed. Bed. What a concept. I have missed you so. As James would say, "It's okay. I know how much you love your bed and blankets."

sneaking a break


Made a jaunt to Uncommon Threads yesterday with Melissa and Greg (yes, both our boyfriends have gone and stayed in yarn stores with us. aww) where she picked up some lovely yarn for a new project. I happen to once again have yarn envy since Melissa's currently working on a hat made of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky she scored when I tipped her off to the sale.

I've taken a quick break and broken into the world of double pointed needles to make these great fingerless mittens . I had wanted to use my lone ball of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino aran since they said worsted weight would do. No gauge was specified. After casting on 30 stitches I surmised that even with my smaller hands, there was no way that the cuff would fit over my hand. A quick check reveals a gauge of 16 stitches for 4 inches for the yarn used in the pattern. Whoa. Not the right weight of yarn to match the ones I've got in my hands. So I abandon my dreams of cashmerino mittenettes and grab some cotton blend called Deminstyle I bought at Michaels and cast on. Muuch better.

Then I was knitting away so intently to produce something worth photographing that I went from having my stitches spread over three dpn to two dpn1.


Lemme fix that-

Okay, off to study what's under the yarn.

1 Double Pointed Needles

bah geeky election tablet


Enough with the Fujitsu Election night tablets

Crossing Jordan has been featuring a HP tc1100 for the last few episodes. Okay, they've been doing some hollywood stuff with it, like presenting on the big screen wirelessly (no... I don't think this exists yet. But it is a good idea) and secretly using it in tablet mode but raising the screen up to look like a neat little monitor. I'll be interested in how much they can re-use it though, since the tc1100 costs a pretty penny. Probably not as much as the medical equipment and big screens they have, but they seem to make Nigel and Bug use those a lot.

google google, you rock

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Google Scholar

For those of us... wait, it's pretty much all of us. New google algorithms just for scholars :) ARTICLES.

Just for you 'missa Macrophage
Not that I know what this word means... but I hear it!

I'm a North Sea?

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Evidently North Sea is Pantone 18-5115 which looks remarkably close to my favorite "moudly green" color. And my birth month is Cayenne, pantone 18-1651 and would make a good lipstick shade.

oh dear oh dear


As promised. Here's an addition to my gift list. To see all my giftlist items, check the gift list category. I'll try to do a "how much I want this" ranking for y'all soon but this can probably tide you over until then.
Also, does anyone want to volunteer to be my official "gift tracker" so people won't need to worry about duplicates? I think my aunt may give me a knitting related purchase this year and you all will probably need someone to contact. I'm Robin's! Oh oh, and remember. Do NOT tell Char what she is getting. Don't even hint at it. She likes the surprise.
Here's one thing I really want for xmas- Debbie Bliss (Yarn) Club subscription
Ohhh. Debbie Bliss Book seven (not the home accessory version)

Oh and while I'm on the subject of Yarn clubs- the Rowan Club and Elann Newsletter

slow and steady wins the race

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On the knitting front - working on a christmas scarf in my spare time in class breaks and other spare moments. Worked on it some at Melissa's where I had to rip out an inch or so since I lost a cabled stitch. The pattern is the Good ole Cabled scarf and my cables are looking a bit wonky. Some are larger than others. The scarf is a bit skinny, too. Oops. Never mind that- it's ALPACA! Made with love (or wanting to commit hara kiri via needle during a class which shall go unnamed because I honestly think the teacher might be trying his/her best and it's a important but dull subject matter for me).

What have I been doing instead of knitting? See the other post from today. I'm adding "time to knit" to my christmas wishlist. Of course, new patterns to knit would be nice... and yarn. Did I mention the new Debbie Bliss Yarn Club to anyone? I have a posting saved in draft format. I'll have to publish that. 1 xmas list coming up.

freecia as a "serious graduate student"


Side note even before I've started. I saw Joanna Mazur today from SFHS. She looks a bit different from high school since she's filled out a bit.

Freecia on being a "Serious Graduate Student" aka I can top Robin's week of hell aka why I could have been dead and you probably wouldn't know because there's no real difference.

Last week was heinous. The duration from now until the second week of December will be Heinous. Bad enough to need a capital letter or perhaps two, but you never use just two capitals, you gotta capitalize the whole word, and that's a tad bit excessive because while bad, at least I have enough time to prepare. Okay. End Rambly noncoherent sentence.

Here's a list of school related deadlines and if I'm feeling like public humiliation, my progress. I'm not including the buttload of homework and reading I have to do.

1. Multimedia Compression Midterm - Tues Nov 23
2. Logic Quiz (and finals questions) - Mon Nov 29
3. Object Oriented Project Part 1 and Presentation - Thurs Dec 2
4. Logic Final - Mon Dec 6
5. Object Oriented Final - Thurs Dec 9
6. Object Oriented Project Part 2 - Thurs Dec 9
7. Multimedia Compression Project - Thurs Dec 9

So. If you're wondering where I am. It's
A) studying for an exam
B) doing homework/projects
C) working
D) sleeping
E) eating
F) reading/watching an episode or two of anime/tv and knitting
G) Seeing people and probably drinking Pearl Tea
H) Throwing a hissy fit
I) see A-D and H. H is recusive. It's not multitasking, just inefficiency.
J) taking a test
K) taking care of hygeine matters. Remember kids- non-smelly is good
I could give you a probability curve then compress each of these using LZW/aruthmetic coding but I doubt you want to see that. My Multimedia compression teacher might...
Now that I look at the list, it's not that different from what I normally do but the proportions are changed. Like, take sleep and swap with studying. Who needs more than 6 hours of sleep anyways?!

gift list time


Here's the start of this year's giftlist! Xmas 2004-

Spiral Luggage Tag

early to sniff sniff bed


I think I may be feeling my old age. A case of the sniffles hit me earlier today and I really can't explain why. Is wearing a down jacket and keeping warm not enough? Sleeping 8 hours? Maybe it was washing my hair at 1 pm and not drying it. I've gone through one of those small packs of Kleenex and have tissue burn on my right nostril where it is starting to irritate me when I blow. I guess faucet-nose season has arrived. Perhaps I'll start using a blow dryer. Hmm, I wonder if Costco has the three-ply tissues in stock yet.

The water for the hot water bottle is heating and I'll be getting in bed early. *pauses to sneeze* *sneezes again* Bed. In 45 minutes. Or less. Sounds like pizza delivery. *sneezes for a third time* *and fourth*



Felt like I should post something today but am unsure what.
Halloween was uneventful where only one teenage trick-o-treater missed the massive bowl of candy by the front gate so we wouldn't have to answer the door. This isn't laziness or we'll pretend it isn't. Our dog has bladder problems and gets really "excited" when strangers come about.

It suddenly started to rain and thunder outside. Nothing extremely interesting to most (other than me) has been happening in my life. No outings planned for this month except for a few dinner parties. Plenty of homework now with the last month of half of the quarter. Time to register for new courses... and pay another quarter of tuition. Oh, the Wilson Jones notebooks that Costco sells are pretty but the paper doesn't take erasing very well.

I did vote yesterday and that's I'll say about politics. I'm sure if you want to read about politics you can surf over to or shout outside your window.