light up my mornings

| | Comments (2) carries the new candeloo which is a light and alarm clock. Candeloo's are the lights that magically charge through a base unit (okay, electrical magic).
Anyhow. I wonder if this one turns on the light when you turn off the alarm?

$60 might not be too much to get up in time for 7 am class. On the other hand, I'm hoping only to have this "lovely" early start for this quarter.


I got up at 4:30am all summer using 2 strategies:
(1) put my alarm clock far enough from my bed that I have to leave bed to get it to shut up
(2) two alarm clocks, just in case, and one is a "loud bell alarm" that I could in no way ever sleep through.

A lack of obstacles between bed, alarm clock, and light switch is helpful. Maybe not feasible though, on pondering the contents of Freecia's room....

Or considering I have two down blankets and do not like the cold. I practice sleeping through alarms. Waking up isn't a problem. Getting out of bed and staying out of bed is.

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