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hi, my name is freecia, I'm a whiner


Instead of whining today, I thought I'd leave you with a fun fun link if you're a techie toy geek like me Engadget

Also, my 7-9pm class tonight was cancelled which is good because I am still catching up on the 4 chapters she assigned for this week.

sleepy grad student

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First day of class and first class done. Thoughts-
* Getting up at 6 am isn't too bad when you've gotten enough sleep
* driving into the sunrise with a dirty windshield can be bad. Moreso if you are afraid of squirting it and making it so much worse that you might as well be a vampire with black paint coated windows.
* I get sleepy about two hours after I wake up.
* My prof. puts a LOT of her notes online. I wonder if I can use the logic I've learned today to prove that I should buy a laptop.
* It gets cold in the classroom at 8 am. Disgruntlement sets in about now, too.
* Must remember to hang my temporary parking pass off my rear view mirror before I get a fat ticket.
* One mug of tea stays in my system for about an hour and half... After that there'd better be a bathroom break.
* Logic uses a lot of squiggly symbols I don't remember. I wonder if there's a website with a squiggly dictionary.
* Undergraduates sure do look old. I feel young compared to some of these undergrads who just look like surf dudes and sun bunnies (and vice versa. sun dudes and surf bunnies. Equal Opportunity)... Even though I eavesdropped (so entertaining) about some guys talking about their Algebra class. ALGEBRA? I hope that was Linear Algebra...
* The parking lot gets full at 9:30-ish
* Don't take 85 home because there's tons of traffic that wasn't there on 280 and you're a silly cheese-it for not realizing that. Make that a crusty silly cheese-it
* I like morning classes because you get it over with, except that it is in the morning. Almost literally crack of dawn.

* Clean off my scraggly messy desk
* Convince myself to do my homework first. Try. Possibly Succeed.
* Reward myself with some eBay window shopping. Coach Wristlet Handbags and key fob wallets. Or Prada. Or Gucci. I'm on a shopping looking spree.
* Check the clock and see that it is waaay too late and run for some lunch.
* Do Work work.
* Clean off the pile which resulted from my cleaning.
* Go drool over notebooks and check to see if IBM really is coming out with new notebooks.
* Pick up knitting book from library (Folk Bags)
* Possibly visit yarn store ;)
* Dinner
* Work
* Bed

gearing up for school


My best friend came home and not only did she bring me my requested Virgin Airlines Amenity Kits, she brought back YARN from Liberty's of London. There was this Rowan which is the one I hastily absconded with (benefit of having first pick as best friend)


It's one of the newest Rowan Plaid colors and named creeper. The other yarn she brought back was Jaeger Merino in a lovely steel blue. I have some stash close to that color so I took the neat Rowan instead.

Wandered about a bit with Mom last night at Santana Row and managed to resist buying anything for myself.

Today was fairly uneventful. It seems that the day before I unofficially become a graduate student should be somehow special, but this is real life. I celebrated the last of my freedom with Melissa by watching Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and dropping by Stanford Mall in search of nice shirts. Drama Queen wasn't very good and I walked out of Gap with a pair of slim cut jeans. Ah well, I can use another pair of jeans. They were on sale and I used the gift certificate I'd received from Dave for my birthday so it was a good buy. Saw some cute tops and a skirt I like but will wait for them to go on sale. After all, they always do.

And tomorrow? Off to class at 7 am. Joy. Stop that evil laughter. I know you're laughing at me. Oh fine.

fast shipping makes freecia happy

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As some may know, I'm headed back this coming Monday for another degree. Yes that's right. Willingly going back into school for Software Engineering at Santa Clara University. The usual rumble grumble has spilled forth- buying books, figuring out a new campus, getting a parking permit, and such wonderful monotony in preparation to saturate my mind with useable job skills.

As usual, the campus bookstore isn't cost effective. What was cost effective- 1 new book from amazon, 1 used from amazon, 1 new from powells, and 1 international copy from ebay. The ironic part is that all the books have been put in the mail except for amazon's new book. Amazon said it would be sent in 24 hours (usually) and even with my sad math, Wednesday was more than 24 hours ago. To reiterate- Amazon used book is en route via UPS due Sept. 22nd; powells new book is en route via economy so it might be here by Thursday as they are only in Portland Oregon; my ebay international book is from goodness knows where but it is also traveling across the world and they guarantee it to be here in 4-10 business days. Now why is that last book sitting in an warehouse? Why oh why did I figure they were a reputable firm and choose economy shipping? Perhaps they fill your order more quickly if you paid for expedited shipping 'cause if I'd paid for two day shipping I'd throw a fit right now. Still. The books were so much cheaper this way.

brush with fame


My high school's progress newsletter (more like a full fledged magazine) came in today and 'lo and behold, a girl I had PE with was on the back cover "SF alumna heads to Athens for Olympic games":
"Kendra Zanotto '99 qualified for the Olympic Synchronized Swimming Team and competed in the team technical routine and the team routine in this summer's Olympic Games in Greece..."
Huh. Okay, perhaps I'm being blase, but this isn't a surprise. As a freshman, she was already looking forward towards the Olympics for synchronized swimming. When one goes to a school most notable for the splendiforous (no, that's not a word) athletes and records it holds, one should not be surprised when said athletes go to the World Cup, Olympics, and pro sports. It feels slightly amazing but not at all unusual to see news articles (and in one case, ESPN) with your classmate's face. I won't be gobsmacked if Char's little sister makes the Olympic games for Field Hockey.

Happy for them as I am, I can't help but wonder about the progress of the cerebral types, aka "geeks". Where are our notable scientists, poets, musicians, and artists? The school had a fair share of thespians and nerds yet their glories go unannounced. There will be much rejoicing when I read of a non-athletic achievement between these glossy full-color pages. Go forth, brainiacs, and when you are fruitful, email your high school and brag. Go Nerds!

Yes, I went to a private catholic high school. No we did not have to wear uniforms.

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