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Green Beer Day

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For those of you who like to celebrate this international holiday (not really green beer day) St. Patrick's Day here's an actual Irish Pub you can raise your beer toast to:

green beer day

Ah yes, I had my first glass of Guinness here, in a small pub next to a cemetery outside of Dublin. You'd have to ask Melissa for the photo where I'm actually holding a beer. If you're looking for some of the motherland to raise a few more toasts to, here's the entire Ireland trip album

Have a good craic!

Oh, yes, that I live in a country where we get to learn about so many great holidays not of our originating culture is fantastico. Now I just gotta go find me something green to wear.

I'm not the only Lame-O

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There are days like today when I feel like a Lame-O. Just something I did, a mistake I made, or something I didn't do. Then I step back. I looked at GMail, which happens to be (unscheduled) down right now at a prime time and has been down for at least 10 minutes. Yeah, I've been hitting my refresh button and wondering when it'll be back up. Truth is, everyone's Lame-O sometimes.

The parts that count-
a) reduce your lame-osity frequency by actively trying not to do something lame. Do your best to prevent it from occurring.
b) have a plan in place to recover from lame-o-ness. Practice it ahead of time so you can recover from disastrous occasions. Practice your recovery plan in pertinent situations. If possible, have an alternate which can perform the recovery. Refine your recovery plan. Sometimes the Lame-ness is catastrophic with far reaching consequences. You really don't just want to go with the first plan that popped into your head, that's not much better than trying to fix things on the fly.

Now if you'll excuse me, GMail is back up (saved by a good recovery plan, no doubt).

A Realigned Style

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There's a new style here folks. It was time for a realignment.

I call it a Realigned style because I really changed it to feature the content instead of the context. In short, I felt that the current blog style was less than efficient. With a few style tweaks and keeping everything in the same place you'd expect to find it (still a 2 column layout - entry on the left, navigation and scattered details on the right), hopefully you'll be drawn more to the post than to my background. The new style facilitates comprehension and retainment.

- The header photo features a beach in Napier, NZ
- There's no picture of yarn in the header. It's my blog and I feature what I want to ;)
- I managed to fit in some lime green, which I promised myself would be in the next version if I could suitably work it in.
- This entry was composed in Performancing for Firefox (extension).

For those of you who just read the RSS feed, here's a screencap of the new style.


From my todo-list

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Here are a few things I am considering and would like to implement. Please weigh in to see if it'd be useful for you (because I don't want to blog to read my own blog. That's just... bleh)

1. Whipping up two RSS feeds to keep the knitting stuff apart from everything else. Just so I don't bore you non-knit people to death *crickets chirping* Anymore than I already have, that is. This would make for 3 feeds- 1) all, 2)knit only, 3)all but the knit.

2. Putting in a status page like Merlin Mann's because those of you who want the quick update on freecia, without being inundated with freecia info, should be able to get a few interesting points and some conversation starters. Once you make a goal public, you have more incentive to stick to it.

3. Working on an interview with elisa, hilarious opiner (No, that's not an official word- opine is though) You are Not a Unique Little Snowflake, Muffin Tops are Not Tasty, and Elisa Thinks You Should Embrace the Thong and For God’s Sake, Pull Up Your Pants Day are my favorites. Done laughing? Good- The topic of the interview will be:
Booty Billboards
Oh yes, we're going there. Pointing out exactly why you should not willingly pay good money for words written across your bottom masquerading as fashionable wear. Have questions? Use the comments section to write them in and I'll consider them for the interview.

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