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Pop songs improved


Satire and interpretation can always improve a pop song. Here is where a great german crooner comes in- he does a 1920's style rendition of famous current pop songs. This is by far the best way to listen to Oops I did it again.
Find links, mp3s, and more info

The other way I tolerate (unless you call teeth grinding a demonstration of musical participation and enjoyment ) is once again a transformation of song genre into a mash I once heard a Nappy Haired Boy remix/mash that was much more to my taste.

And no, I have no desperate need to be a top pop bunny. But I do find immense amusement in pop mock.

MT 3.16 Jankowski Fix


There is another update with an "official fix" which just includes modifying your App.pm file in [mt_install]/lib/MT directory. Get your 3.16 relogin fix on here

The login problem went away but then went haywire again. The messages left by Shelley of Six Apart on the current official fix are... If they're going to require existing users (pre 3.16) who to move their install to a subdirectory and redict their URLs. Well. Not smart. Really not smart. Stuff like that would be a reason corporate platforms shouldn't use MT. Anyhow. Aside from resisting a ranting of scorn upon six apart and Shelley, the constructive thing to do is to point out the fix.

Thanks jankowski, alas, this doesn't work for me, either. I'm going to figure out if I should downgrade to 3.15 and wait for 3.17 or 3.18 or tinker with 3.16. Should the six apart crew surprise me with a fix to this which is actually viable, I'd be pleasantly surprised.
It's line 583 of App.pm in 3.16 - the first three lines will look like this when you get there:


sub app_path {
my $app = shift;
return $app->{__path} if exists $app->{__path};

and like this when you leave:


sub app_path {
my $app = shift;
return $app->mt_path;

Last Words: Odd bug? I uploaded the entire tar package to the destination directory with filezilla, untar'd, then copied the contents of MT-3.16-upgrade-en_US/ to the destination directory (cp -rf . ..) which seems to have fixed the problem. Normally I take the easier route and download the zip pkg, unzip, then upload all files except for images/ directory in ASCII and images/ directory in binary as I have done several times following the "upgrade directions". So, possibly upgrade using the first method and not the second.

This might be a bug unique to a few including myself as others have successfully upgraded. Is it the subdomains which are causing a problem?
Yes, I altered my post because it seems that I was a bit harsh to the six apart crew who can now resume their bathroom breaks. see below
Yesterday I installed MT 3.16 using my usual zip and upload via ASCII or Binary appropriate method only to come upon an odd error while trying to post today. It has a repeating login bug and isn't keeping track of login state or some such thing. There is more information on the support board

If you've already done the upgrade and are experiencing the same problem, there are two choices you can make.
1. Downgrade - re-upload the old MT-3.15 overwriting MT-3.16 folders.
2. Unpack upgrade on your server instead of desktop- Upload the tar file to your server, unpack (tar -zxvf MT-3.16.tar.gz should do it for linux users with shell access), and copy the files from the newly created MT-3.16-upgrade-en_US/ into destination directory (cp -rf . .. - copy all files from this directory to the directory above this one)

Now, I am for progress but I'm not usually willing to subject myself to excessive beta testing either (unless the tool is a good one and relatively stable) but for this kind of error to occur in a commercial product is notsogood. In part I can only cringe in horror and sympathy as this is a software company's equivalent to multiple swear words and brewing endless pots of coffee while not having the time to go to the bathroom. I can only hope that this hasn't happened to many upgraders as login happens to be core and not "frills". Not an easily ignorable bug. In my own defense, I thought 3.16 sounded like a good upgrade that fixed a decent amount of bugs and offered some new features I'd like. it is a larger bug fix

Wonder if people who use remote blogging apps like ecto are similarly affected since they use a different interface and posting method (I think they use a different API).

I'll poke about a bit and see if I can't figure out what is going on. And my problems seem to be solved though I'm not sure what went wrong in the first place. Used the same method I usually use

yarn harlot on tour


Yes, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, aka Yarn Harlot, is going to stop in Berkeley on her whirlwhind West Coast tour on August 2nd!

Takers on carpools?

And if you have no idea who I'm talking about, I'm sure I've verbally recounted one of her stories for you in a bad and clueless manner. Go see the original as she is a much better storyteller. And you know... Firsthand.

Leave a comment if you're interesting and spread the word to your local Knitting Group!

At Boing Boing - TSA Screener: 2 book max on flights from original post

The basic gist of it is that some TSA screener thinks you can only bring two books onto a flight with you instead of four (we'll get to this in a second). Okay, on the upside, this makes me wonder which two books I would bring. Probably a long reading classic and something more fun. And an electronic device like my clie or notebook with a recharger for all those other books I'm "sneaking" past the TSA agent because of an oddly phrased rule.

wifi weather


The sun is out shining and my hard work in setting up a new wireless access point has paid off. I'd guess that most wifi routers are easy set-up for most home networks but my house doesn't have a normal home network. Or maybe it is 'round here where there are more software engineers and at least four different Fry's Electronics in 20 minutes drive. We even refer to them by the decor instead of the location like "Western Fry's" and "Mayan Fry's". If you want the details on how to set up a wifi point with an existing network, read the more section.

First tank top appearance of the year today! Sitting outside in the backyard with npr Prairie Home Companion playing via streaming audio enjoying the happy happy sun. Tea, notebook, wifi, and stack of homework to be done. Life is Grand. For you potential sun-kittens like me, don't forget to wear a hat and some sunblock.

Full Thread Ahead Indeedy

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Wonderful Evil Woman

Hollis brought a tiny bit (of what she has available) to the latest knit group meeting. A tiny slice of heaven! Lovely lovely skeins of happy cuddly puppy feelings similar to the warm fuzzies. Aka Alpaca. Do you see that green skein (or two)? I just looked at her and laughed. She might as well have written my name on it.
She even graciously allowed me to drool on the yarn (I didn't really, in case you're afraid of buying yarn with freecia cooties).

And yes, I have a few projects in mind with the new knitty patterns. Branching Out would look great in that bright summerish variegated alpaca.

The website will be opening soon. Hold tight.
Full Thread Ahead

getting updates of bare bones websites


So say you frequent a website that doesn't have any bells and whistles. No RSS feed, e-mail notification of updates, or even low-tech in-person verbal announcement that a webpage has changed. Yeah, my professors create some basic webpages then expect all students to check them religiously. And I do. I use my firefox tabs to set multiple pages as a series of homepages. Still, it isn't hard to miss the newest and latest info if you don't know there's a change.

Well, for most cases, a change detection robot will help notify you of an updated page. Excepting the suddenly "live" links which point to documents which are currently restricted and will go "live" as permissions are changed, the robot (or agent ) will send you notification e-mail. I've set mine up to e-mail a bloglines e-mail address (link to do so at the bottom of the left hand side panel) so it will appear in my feeds. Also, if I suddenly start getting icky spam to my very difficult to guess bloglines email, I know who to blame for not following their privacy practices. Then I just cancel the temporary e-mail address.

Somehow this gives me a sense of freedom, like a dummy check, just in case I haven't had my tea and groggily don't notice new assignments. Could this be termed a lifehack?

direct link: http://changedetection.com/detect.html?url=
- this site seemed like the most straightforward and doesn't require unnecessary info like your name, country, or excessive registration.

sway pockets


The back is complete after a trip to Imagiknit with Char. Finished a tiny pocket which might be able to hold a business card or post-it and am leisurely knitting along when I have some extra time.

I'm tinkering with the idea of knitting both fronts at the same time using two balls of yarn. What do you think? They'd be mirror images of each other, if all goes well.

weekend over again


Suddenly came down with a case of runny-nose-itus which could have been termed the sniffles except my nose just wouldn't... you get the idea. I turned in super early around 7/8 pm and put some homework on the backburner while I slept it off. Woke up rather late but dribble free!

Not much is going on here except the start of another quarter. This quarter is full of projects and reading so I've hunkered down and resigned myself to getting sun in the back yard while reading school stuff (textbooks, webpages, and journal articles) when it gets sunny again. I also got my grades from last quarter earlier last week and was pleasantly surprised. It was a good surprise and I'd like to thank the grading gods, aka my professors, for being merciful and generous. Thank you very very much. Not that I was expecting low grades or even average grades, but a pleasant feeling to see that my professors faith in me was justified.

Now just to keep up with this heavy reading load! Academic papers definitely take longer for me to read, dissect, and remember than most other literature.

In another bit of news that had me saying "duh" was the story about the guy in Malasia who owned a Mercedes-Benz with a biometric lock. Yeah, the one where the thieves absconded with his car and finger

I feel like I should say something about the Pope's passing and I'd typed out a bit but really only one general point is necessary, no matter what your faith- I believe in being grateful; our lifestyles exist on the labor and history of others from great public figures to insignificant unknowns. It would do everyone good to remember that.


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The much awaited picture of the sway pattern

Click to make it bigger and read the material requirements-