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Graduation - So Long & Thanks for all the Fish

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The Post-Ceremony Photo really says it best-


"After" Photo.1

Much love and Thanks to Family and Friends for their encouragement and support. Today, I officially walked the walk across the stage, shook hands with the big shots, and smiled until my face felt funny.


The 3.5 foot Orange hood proclaims me as a graduate with a Master's in Engineering. (Don't worry M, I still got the uncropped version of you with your "West Side Pride")


"Before" Photo.


Here are some flowers from the Engineering Graduate Reception.


Gorgeous flowers from boyfriend which survived the heat fairly well.

Right then, here's the grad photo album

Regular blogging not relying on easily obtained Grad photos will resume shortly.

1 Yes I look like my Dad.

RSS Diet

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The advent and popularity of RSS is a wonderful thing which allowed me to pare down my normal "informational checking routine" (read sites I commonly surf) but with 1294 unread entries in my queue, I'm going to try to go on an RSS Diet. Dieting, as we know, isn't usually tasty, but about getting the proper balance of nutrition with occasional yummy indulgences (admit it, you want that chocolate cake more when you are not supposed to eat it).

I've been paring down my RSS queue recently and already separate it into categories of @daily, @weekend, @relax, @work (guess which gets read first?) but there needs to be some serious slashing. There's only so much time, I only really need so much info, and can only remember so much. Many items to be slashed are entertaining, but not necessary. Time to refocus my attention on the info that can enrich my life. I mean, come on, I'm not a professional blogger, do I really need to subscribe to that many feeds when the overlapped content is 70% and all fun stuff gets linked somehow or another? Most content isn't actionable. I only archive/bookmark perhaps 3% of the copious quantities I skim.

Don't worry, the knitting blogs won't get cut out of the mix, but I think @work will be moved above the @daily and some categories will get a definite priority heading. Now I'm going to let go and keep it to... 50 feeds? 75? I think I can read 15 feeds on a daily basis and not each one posts every day. Is timeliness really all that crucial with non-work/finance related blogs?

Time to head out into the nice weather instead of reading about people heading out into the nice weather. RSS gluttony, you're going to go on a crash diet. There won't be any new feeds added for a while, either. So pardon me if I seem a little clueless now and then, especially with timeliness on your blog entries and comments.

RSS shouldn't just be about efficiency, a practical person embraces feed selectiveness. You're creating your own newspaper to read on a frequent basis, and as the editor, you must choose the best content to occupy your precious time. Don't forget, you can always go back to manually surfing a site. Let natural selection occur- if you leave a feed unread and never go to the site, you can unsubscribe.

It isn't about the person who subscribes to the most amount of feeds, it is about the person who subscribes to the least and still feels that they've gotten all the really great information the 'net has to offer.

Weekend Wrap Up

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1. Sherrilyn Kenyon Author signing- Check

Sherrilyn Kenyon Book signing

2. WWKIP Day - Check

Better-Than-Booties Baby Socks -Interweave Knits

I finished these up today over dim sum but worked the toe at WWKIP and at vloggercon

3. Vloggercon - Check


I stayed low-tech and used the fountain pen + notepad combo while lots of other people multi-tasked (I might have taken a quick glance down and checked how many windows were opened to a text editor. *crickets chirping* )
4. Met Melissa and Greg for Pearl Tea (Sorry I was late!!!!!)
5. Had dim sum with family

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