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The Good Kind of Busy

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It hasn't been a knit free month, but I've been blessed with the good kind of busy. I wish you a Happy Holiday Season!

Pictures of knitted items will be here before you know it. Maybe even a gadget or two. Or perhaps even vacation photos.

News You Can't Use

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In an attempt to distract you from noticing the dust on my blog, I'll tell you about some other stuff you probably don't care about.

1. My notebook suffers from an undiagnosed illness. Symptom? Unusually long start-up times.

2. Said notebook now has more special memory. It is specially small and therefore specially expensive. Memory size and quality has some parallel with women's underwear that I don't quite understand - the tinier it is and more high-end the brand, the more it costs.

3. Said notebook also now sports a hard-drive backup, necessitating a drive to the local indie computer parts store in the rain. Then my techie boyfriend gave me a heart attack by telling me it was a special 1.x" hard drive instead of the normal 2.5" notebook hard drive. My eyebrows went way up. Thankfully, it uses the more readily available 2.5" notebook hard drive. If you care, it is a Hitachi 7200 RPM hard drive.

4. I bought some new windshield wipers for my car while I was out in the rain. That's not very interesting but a whole lot safer if you live near me. By the way California Drivers, turn on your headlights when you use your wipers.

5. The heating knob on my car's dashboard, the one that turns the heat on, is now broken. Thankfully, it is in the off position. It now occurs to me that that is also the button for the defroster. "Buy new heater knob for car" now moves up my todo list.

6. If you show me pictures of seafood, I will go to bed thinking about it. Last night I really wanted lox and wondered how tobiko would taste spread on a bagel. I had a bagel for breakfast today. The lox and tobiko mix is something I'll save for when I hit the right markets. Dang, I'm hungry again! I'd settle for some onigiri, too (rice balls filled with salty filling). Mmmm. Salt.

In knitter-ese, I finished a EZ Baby Surprise for a family member's baby (who doesn't knit and therefore has no idea what an EZ Baby Surprise is). Just gotta sew the buttons on and I can photograph the completed work, blog the completion, and wrap it up.

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