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Hard Core Knitter

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Headlamp+Camping+White Lace = Freecia Knitting. I had the help of a lantern, too. Icarus Shawl in Alpaca With a Twist Fino destined as gift knitting. Saboteur in the background.

Safe Travels Kristi!

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Best of Luck to Dr. Kristi and husband Dr. Andy in Boulder, CO!

The BobaKnitters (and Honorary Bobaknitters) sent Kristi off in high style at Mary's. There were so many of us and I'd like to play the linky game but must find my bed soon, so please post in the comments or send a trackback link if you were here!

There was yarn themed food: alpaca shaped pretzels, sweater shaped pizzas, sheeply cake, and even a spindle made with a mushroom with corn silk roving. There were antics only the Bobaknitters would think of, like a sheep piñata:

Hannah Destroys the Sheep Piñata

Hannah bashed it in right after the kids had a go and made a small child cry at the decapitated sheep.

And a sheep stripper. Oh no, we weren't defleecing lifestock, we (aka Cookie) shoved Hannah into a sheep costume (sewn by Jill), put Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back on the speakers(brought by Cindy), and Hannah strutted her stuff, exploding little sheep all over the back lawn as she tore open the suit to reveal a "I <3 Kristizilla" shirt. Kristi's reaction? Priceless.

Update:: I found a little footage!!!

Hannah Dressed up as a Sheep Stripper at Kristi's Going Away Party

Hannah made another small child cry. Awesome.

I'll miss you Kristi! Come back soon and visit! And yes, you're not Cookie A