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Somewhat Shameless Somewhat Self Promotion

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The somewhat shameless - I am posting about an item I'm selling on eBay. Somewhat only because 100% of proceeds will go to Reading is Fundamental to support literacy programs for children.
The somewhat self promotion- Well, sure, it is my auction, but the company I work at1 is actually matching the final donated price 100%, so double the winning bid goes to charity. And well, they're also taking care of the listing fee (but hey, I listed on a $0.20 insertion day to save the company some money).

So here it is. If you've ever wondered what books I choose to read in my downtime, when I'm not reading something Oprah would approve of:

1 In case you didn't know - I work at the same company that well, made the nifty widget up there and has those IT commercials.

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