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finals mean


Cleaning. That's right. Procrastination cleaning. Finals week just started so I need to clean up my messy space and file things neatly so I can find them this week. Then mess them up again.

Here's a few things I've seen and decided to post just because someone else might find it interesting -
Web of Letters pico-letter engine

Nifty little desktop calendar program Rainlender It floats on your desktop and can integrate with outlook and other calendar programs to pull your appointments.

What DO people carry in their bags? Flickr knows Another great mystery solved. I have a ball of yarn. What?! It's alpaca. No needles. I should put some in there for breaks... Maybe next time when I go buy my row counter I'll get a smaller/shorter #6.

happy birthday James

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For those of you who don't know, it is James' birthday today. Since my memory for dates is ... in flux, well, I'm happy that I got it right this year. I've pretty much convinced myself and him that my horrible date memory is not all that bad and if I get it within a week, that's reasonable.

Happy Birthday James!

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