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anorexic notebook


Sony Vaio Notebook 505 Extreme

2 lbs, carbon fiber body, and if you take a look, you'll see how thin it is. whimper Better not sit on it.
And in case you're wondering, the super model (there's two) costs 349,800 Yen = $3,210.65 at market exchange rate (currently 108.9 yen = 1 dollar)
To get the lower model, 299,800Yen= $2,751.72

melissa's new blog url


Melissa's moved her blog to for now, though there are rumors (who else do you tell rumors to if not your best friend) that she maaaay be looking for her own hosting site.
As you can see, those vegas pictures stttiilll aren't up (ohh yeah, I need to burn a copy of those for missa) but hopefully I'll remedy that today. My USB hub has been unplugged and I need to find the power transformer so it can power some of my more power hungry usb devices.
Anyhow, Happy Anniversary Greg and Melissa ( or Melissa and Greg)!! :)

not am or fm, internet radio


I randomly find some good internet radio stations to hog bandwidth and spruce up the working hours.
Today's new selection:


Hmm, nice mix. Some things I don't particularly care for, but good for late night when you don't want to listen to talk Though sometimes, you just want to know about London's rush hour traffic.

amazon wishlist

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You asked and so here it is. I have an amazon associate account (I get money for people using this link to click through to amazon) .
freecia's wishlist

Oh and a tip, since I use my wish list as an unofficial I-saw-that-and-"bookmarked"-list, select SORT BY - Last Updated. Those are fun items for xmas.

Use this button if you're shopping at, proceeds from now until Xmas will go towards a group event like Xmas party supplies or NYE. In fact, you can bookmark it, too, so you won't forget when you shop.

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hypoallergenic lyocell down blannnnkkket


The Company Store - DS-Comforters - Lyocell Down Comforter font color red - Save 25 font

Hey. You asked what I wanted... and right now it's on sale at 25% off... I just got myself a heated mattress pad and I was thinking of replacing one of my thinning down blankets. Really want this one, more than gamecube games and books.