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mad brilliant alarm clock


Hanging alarm clock that retracts toward the ceiling when you smack it to snooze

Result? You have to get up in order to turn it off. They really should put this into production. Some people like to put the alarm clock across the room but I seem to be unwilling to actually get out of bed to look at a clock (or get out of bed) so this might actually work. Then again, I can also be a total cat, wake up, get ready, take a look at my warm bed, and go back in it. Or desperately want to. Maybe my best fix would be hypnosis...

So I stumbled Stop pushing me

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Okay, so I got Pearl Tea tonight despite my pledge to concentrate on needs. I rationalize (ah, the great equalizer) this by thinking of it as quality time spent with friends. Being thankful for those you love and what you have- vibe. Of course, my nice boyfriend was in hiding and the evil one kept on muttering things about "yarn sale", "freecia's yarn collection", "calling a kettle an kettle", and such. Then he tickled me unmercifully even after I explained the hierarchy of our relationship very clearly (I have all the rights. he has none. "we are not aiming for equality, remember? I am superior"). GRRR. I think he was trying to gain back some ground but he still carried two bags of books to my car. Hm. So he might be somewhat disinclined to be a complete poopie-head (as Char would say) or be "useless!!" (in a scathing voice also as Char would say) even when I'm going GRRR.

For that I give you...

No, I don't have a cat. I googled google image with "kitty" and this is what it came up with on the first page. I would not do this to my cat if I had one. My dog did once look like a golfball but that was my mother's fault. As was the wasabi incident.

Time to go to bed now. Happy stormy days ahead. Still have another class tomorrow evening and need to run some books to the used book store in ahhh 7 hours.

And yes, I do wish I were at CES. Yes, I do enjoy Las Vegas. No, my Dad wished he had more "good food" in Vegas which he announced after he finished a large Sake at dinner today. He was an old grump. Not one week earlier did he say "Yes, this was a pretty good vacation."

Hat from Char


A Picture Share!

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I promised people I'd post a pic of the hat since they haven't seen it. Here's a slightly weirdo look on my face, but it does show the hat. It looks much cuter in person and that corner naturally sticks up while the other pompom usually flops down.

need vs. want


As the Yarn Harlot points out, there is a big difference between need versus want Here I was all ready to announce the usual post x-mas budget crunch (yarn, you do me in), holiday pudge, and new year cleaning when the Yarn Harlot comes and reminds me that there is a definite difference between needs and wants. I want a new chair mat since mine has a hole and also would like a new chair since it seems I like to slump in mine. I also want some useless school supplies just because it is a new quarter and that is what anal retentive people do at the beginning of the new quarter, never mind half filled notebooks and the dozen binders hiding in my closet from a great Office Depot sale.

Should I even mention my tea habit and how I was thinking of treating myself to some Pete's even though I have $10 at Adagio? Or the yarn I bought yesterday (which thankfully qualifies as an xmas gift. albeit a bit late. and for someone else).

So yes. Freecia is cutting back the budget out of necessity, prudence, and charitable giving. Hollis, my knit guru, is collecting items and needs people to help pack. I'm going to make an effort to get some stuff at Costco and grab a few rolls of the packaging tape we can never seem to be rid of and head over before class on Thursday to help out. Anyone want to come help? It is the 6th and she'll have pizza. I am the queen of packing, after all. Also going without new paperbacks, Pearl Tea, and etc this week to save the money for donation and take the Harlot Challenge. Yes, Freecia won't be buying her new narrow ruled binder paper this week. Or a new datebook- hey, outlook prints calenders... I want one from Japan anyhow.

The yarn, budget, and health diet is on. I feel so lucky to have enough yarn to knit hats for a month, enough money to pay for tuition, and enough food in the last two weeks that I could probably stand a chance on Survivor. Now if there was a concentration method I could try... Perhaps my New Year's Resolution will be to Focus.

Happy New Year ya'll and I'm off to clean then work some before I head off for a new quarter at school. One thing I will be spending megabucks on is textbooks, most likely. Gotta have those in order to study from them and get good grades for school (especially since tuition is so high). And a parking pass. Being late for class (later than I would be with a pass) is not good. Very not good.

Oh. BTW. I'm wearing the "Char Hat" :)
Photos should be on fuzzystingray ? Or I'll post one sometime soon. Clean Clean Clean. The path to the bed is getting too small.

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