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Phoo Phoo Phooey.

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Don't you just hate it when you find a mistake in your knitting a few inches back and of the two evils - ripping or lace math, you figure ripping back 2 inches of stockinette with a few decreases is easier than recalculating lace math?

Phooey. I'm knitting the Puff Sleeve Cardigan from Fitted Knits (Many Thanks to wonderful friend Greg for gifting me this book) and I was probably watching tv while I did the waist shaping. Even though I'd caught a few mistakes I'd made there, I still decreased a bit too much. Guess I threw in a few ssk and k2tog and got a bit carried away.

So it is two inches of rippy cardi goin' on. Good thing I have a spare circular needle in a size smaller. I'll thread it through like a lifeline and rip. Then I can knit off the interim needle.

This has got to be easier than re-doing a lace chart to fit into a repeat short by 8 stitches. Was it eight? Maybe I should go count again. When I'm not yawning. Yawning makes me lose count.