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familiary and babbling

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Once you feel comfortable with people, you may say things you shouldn't. Things that may exceed the politeness and decorum category because you feel comfortable. In the coming New Year's revelry, alcohol and warm fuzzy feelings may loosen the tongue. Keep a rein on it. No one wants to know about your body hair or if you think your friend's boyfriend/girlfriend is such a hottie. Or that you really didn't want to go to this party, but you didn't get invited to anywhere else. (Not you M.)
Mind your p's and q's.

google print


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Hmmm. Some beta projects at google seem to stay beta... hmm...
But nonetheless, I love books and this is a neat idea.

Credit Schmedit


So I'm almost at the expiration date of my Yahoo! Visa (musn't forget the !) and I'm thinking about changing credit cards. The Yahoo program has basically sort of gone downhill, requiring you to link to your credit card online and I think all your points expire if you don't find this elusive link...
Anyhow. Here are the two that I'm considering

The Yahoo visa is from bankone so maybe they'll just let me change it. Or rather they'll overlook that I don't have an official job right now...
Or Amex Blue Cash where you get 0.5%+ cash back, no annual fee, 0% apr, and most importantly, that nifty card.
Anyhow. I think it's time for a change.

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