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Handy Tripod

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There's a flexible pocket tripod and there's it must do yoga tripod.


This looks like a great little tool and the right size to match ultracompacts (I think the cam shown is a Canon SD-400, about same size as SD-550) and at 45g, it is lighter than most balls of yarn.

If you're thinking that I would like one of these for my birthday, then you'd be thinking the right thing :)

not knitting related!


Venus Hum CD's, Songs for Superheroes
You probably haven't heard Venus Hum unless by random chance, you spend a lot of time at Fry's when they're playing the Blue Man Group DVD :) They've got CD's on iTunes, too, so if you need a last minute gift for me, well. There ya go! I don't have any of their iTunes or CD's so you're safe in buying the iTunes or CDs. The website is giving an awesome deal on the CDs, too. Order early for CD, last minute for iTunes. How sweet is that?

Borders 20% off until 12/10
20% off just about everything including books, dvds, and cds. If you don't want to wait for Amazon or want to look the books over before buying, get them before this coupon expires on 12/10. Not just 20% off 1 item. Or use it to buy your xmas cards/calendar.

una mas

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Last Minute Knitted Gifts

Another book I'd like for xmas. PLEASE! Or I'll get it myself as soon as I get time and cash ;) Yeah, definitely getting this one. This would be a sure bet.

books books books

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These are books I will hold off on buying but want desperately. This means I hope you will buy them for me and put me out of waiting misery please please?!

Stitch and *itch Nation (rhymes with...)

Book I've heard good things about

I'll keep on filling this list. Gotta jet!

oh dear oh dear


As promised. Here's an addition to my gift list. To see all my giftlist items, check the gift list category. I'll try to do a "how much I want this" ranking for y'all soon but this can probably tide you over until then.
Also, does anyone want to volunteer to be my official "gift tracker" so people won't need to worry about duplicates? I think my aunt may give me a knitting related purchase this year and you all will probably need someone to contact. I'm Robin's! Oh oh, and remember. Do NOT tell Char what she is getting. Don't even hint at it. She likes the surprise.
Here's one thing I really want for xmas- Debbie Bliss (Yarn) Club subscription
Ohhh. Debbie Bliss Book seven (not the home accessory version)

Oh and while I'm on the subject of Yarn clubs- the Rowan Club and Elann Newsletter

gift list time


Here's the start of this year's giftlist! Xmas 2004-

Spiral Luggage Tag

gift that keeps on giving



- Real Simple
- Jane
- I.D. Magazine

I'm still waiting for wired mag to arrive from amazon along with my $5 coupon. And yes, I do get Jane, but a renewal would be nice! (I also noticed that the magazine is $2 less with those annoying little inserts they have in the mag)

can you hear me now?


UPDATE: This phone has now been purchased by me for me. Don't buy it! at least not for me.

My phone's mic (the cordless I keep in my room) has died. It's truely a case of Verizon commercial imitation. So, I'd like a new phone for my birthday (if I can hold out that long). The one pictured would be ideal - vtech 2434. I don't need an answering machine, but I would enjoy a good jingle and this phone has polyphonic ring tones and software you can use to download your own. This one is available for $50 from several retailers but I think I've seen it at office supply stores for less/on sale. I found one last year at Costco and Melissa likes her phone, especially when she gets calls and the phone is set to play a James Bond theme song. :) Alas, I haven't seen it since then, but certain people "ahem" don't visit the same costco and may have different stock (should they happen to see it).

I'm not particularly attached to this model but most phones are butt ugly. Panasonic has a cute silver one that stands in the cradle like this one but I think it's more expensive. I've seen it around at Fry's.

build it and they will come


Pixel Blocks - I want some! They look to be a fun desktop toy. You can get the sets at toystores listed on the pixelblocks website or at the puzzlezoo pixelblocks store.



My magnet board is looking bare. It doesn't help that the Pottery Barn teen catalog came in today. My eagle eyes spied Paul Frank Magnets.
They're on ebay! I'd love a set as a birthday gift! And those tiny magnets. Those are cool too. meomi has some extra cute magnets. I won't have room left for the papers!
Now if I could only find my smaller white board pens... (where'd they go?)

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