gearing up for school


My best friend came home and not only did she bring me my requested Virgin Airlines Amenity Kits, she brought back YARN from Liberty's of London. There was this Rowan which is the one I hastily absconded with (benefit of having first pick as best friend)


It's one of the newest Rowan Plaid colors and named creeper. The other yarn she brought back was Jaeger Merino in a lovely steel blue. I have some stash close to that color so I took the neat Rowan instead.

Wandered about a bit with Mom last night at Santana Row and managed to resist buying anything for myself.

Today was fairly uneventful. It seems that the day before I unofficially become a graduate student should be somehow special, but this is real life. I celebrated the last of my freedom with Melissa by watching Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and dropping by Stanford Mall in search of nice shirts. Drama Queen wasn't very good and I walked out of Gap with a pair of slim cut jeans. Ah well, I can use another pair of jeans. They were on sale and I used the gift certificate I'd received from Dave for my birthday so it was a good buy. Saw some cute tops and a skirt I like but will wait for them to go on sale. After all, they always do.

And tomorrow? Off to class at 7 am. Joy. Stop that evil laughter. I know you're laughing at me. Oh fine.