sleepy grad student

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First day of class and first class done. Thoughts-
* Getting up at 6 am isn't too bad when you've gotten enough sleep
* driving into the sunrise with a dirty windshield can be bad. Moreso if you are afraid of squirting it and making it so much worse that you might as well be a vampire with black paint coated windows.
* I get sleepy about two hours after I wake up.
* My prof. puts a LOT of her notes online. I wonder if I can use the logic I've learned today to prove that I should buy a laptop.
* It gets cold in the classroom at 8 am. Disgruntlement sets in about now, too.
* Must remember to hang my temporary parking pass off my rear view mirror before I get a fat ticket.
* One mug of tea stays in my system for about an hour and half... After that there'd better be a bathroom break.
* Logic uses a lot of squiggly symbols I don't remember. I wonder if there's a website with a squiggly dictionary.
* Undergraduates sure do look old. I feel young compared to some of these undergrads who just look like surf dudes and sun bunnies (and vice versa. sun dudes and surf bunnies. Equal Opportunity)... Even though I eavesdropped (so entertaining) about some guys talking about their Algebra class. ALGEBRA? I hope that was Linear Algebra...
* The parking lot gets full at 9:30-ish
* Don't take 85 home because there's tons of traffic that wasn't there on 280 and you're a silly cheese-it for not realizing that. Make that a crusty silly cheese-it
* I like morning classes because you get it over with, except that it is in the morning. Almost literally crack of dawn.

* Clean off my scraggly messy desk
* Convince myself to do my homework first. Try. Possibly Succeed.
* Reward myself with some eBay window shopping. Coach Wristlet Handbags and key fob wallets. Or Prada. Or Gucci. I'm on a shopping looking spree.
* Check the clock and see that it is waaay too late and run for some lunch.
* Do Work work.
* Clean off the pile which resulted from my cleaning.
* Go drool over notebooks and check to see if IBM really is coming out with new notebooks.
* Pick up knitting book from library (Folk Bags)
* Possibly visit yarn store ;)
* Dinner
* Work
* Bed


sounds like a very busy day for you. and sounds like you mostly enjoyed it. congrats! ;o)

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