brush with fame


My high school's progress newsletter (more like a full fledged magazine) came in today and 'lo and behold, a girl I had PE with was on the back cover "SF alumna heads to Athens for Olympic games":
"Kendra Zanotto '99 qualified for the Olympic Synchronized Swimming Team and competed in the team technical routine and the team routine in this summer's Olympic Games in Greece..."
Huh. Okay, perhaps I'm being blase, but this isn't a surprise. As a freshman, she was already looking forward towards the Olympics for synchronized swimming. When one goes to a school most notable for the splendiforous (no, that's not a word) athletes and records it holds, one should not be surprised when said athletes go to the World Cup, Olympics, and pro sports. It feels slightly amazing but not at all unusual to see news articles (and in one case, ESPN) with your classmate's face. I won't be gobsmacked if Char's little sister makes the Olympic games for Field Hockey.

Happy for them as I am, I can't help but wonder about the progress of the cerebral types, aka "geeks". Where are our notable scientists, poets, musicians, and artists? The school had a fair share of thespians and nerds yet their glories go unannounced. There will be much rejoicing when I read of a non-athletic achievement between these glossy full-color pages. Go forth, brainiacs, and when you are fruitful, email your high school and brag. Go Nerds!

Yes, I went to a private catholic high school. No we did not have to wear uniforms.