fast shipping makes freecia happy

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As some may know, I'm headed back this coming Monday for another degree. Yes that's right. Willingly going back into school for Software Engineering at Santa Clara University. The usual rumble grumble has spilled forth- buying books, figuring out a new campus, getting a parking permit, and such wonderful monotony in preparation to saturate my mind with useable job skills.

As usual, the campus bookstore isn't cost effective. What was cost effective- 1 new book from amazon, 1 used from amazon, 1 new from powells, and 1 international copy from ebay. The ironic part is that all the books have been put in the mail except for amazon's new book. Amazon said it would be sent in 24 hours (usually) and even with my sad math, Wednesday was more than 24 hours ago. To reiterate- Amazon used book is en route via UPS due Sept. 22nd; powells new book is en route via economy so it might be here by Thursday as they are only in Portland Oregon; my ebay international book is from goodness knows where but it is also traveling across the world and they guarantee it to be here in 4-10 business days. Now why is that last book sitting in an warehouse? Why oh why did I figure they were a reputable firm and choose economy shipping? Perhaps they fill your order more quickly if you paid for expedited shipping 'cause if I'd paid for two day shipping I'd throw a fit right now. Still. The books were so much cheaper this way.


Hey! where's the lego store? :)

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