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Here are a few things I am considering and would like to implement. Please weigh in to see if it'd be useful for you (because I don't want to blog to read my own blog. That's just... bleh)

1. Whipping up two RSS feeds to keep the knitting stuff apart from everything else. Just so I don't bore you non-knit people to death *crickets chirping* Anymore than I already have, that is. This would make for 3 feeds- 1) all, 2)knit only, 3)all but the knit.

2. Putting in a status page like Merlin Mann's because those of you who want the quick update on freecia, without being inundated with freecia info, should be able to get a few interesting points and some conversation starters. Once you make a goal public, you have more incentive to stick to it.

3. Working on an interview with elisa, hilarious opiner (No, that's not an official word- opine is though) You are Not a Unique Little Snowflake, Muffin Tops are Not Tasty, and Elisa Thinks You Should Embrace the Thong and For God’s Sake, Pull Up Your Pants Day are my favorites. Done laughing? Good- The topic of the interview will be:
Booty Billboards
Oh yes, we're going there. Pointing out exactly why you should not willingly pay good money for words written across your bottom masquerading as fashionable wear. Have questions? Use the comments section to write them in and I'll consider them for the interview.

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