I'm not the only Lame-O

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There are days like today when I feel like a Lame-O. Just something I did, a mistake I made, or something I didn't do. Then I step back. I looked at GMail, which happens to be (unscheduled) down right now at a prime time and has been down for at least 10 minutes. Yeah, I've been hitting my refresh button and wondering when it'll be back up. Truth is, everyone's Lame-O sometimes.

The parts that count-
a) reduce your lame-osity frequency by actively trying not to do something lame. Do your best to prevent it from occurring.
b) have a plan in place to recover from lame-o-ness. Practice it ahead of time so you can recover from disastrous occasions. Practice your recovery plan in pertinent situations. If possible, have an alternate which can perform the recovery. Refine your recovery plan. Sometimes the Lame-ness is catastrophic with far reaching consequences. You really don't just want to go with the first plan that popped into your head, that's not much better than trying to fix things on the fly.

Now if you'll excuse me, GMail is back up (saved by a good recovery plan, no doubt).


I was doing some definite lame-o refreshing, going back to my desk, and trying to log in about 1.5 minutes later. You're not the only one. I like your plan!

Ahahaha. I was google chatting with Kristi when it went down, and I swear we were both hitting the refresh button like crazy. I needed my Gmail! How could it go down for minutes?! Bah!

I am a lame dork too.

This assumes that you can actually recognize yourself being a lame-o. That's usually my problem. Don't recognize it until I'm waaay to far committed.

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