A Realigned Style

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There's a new style here folks. It was time for a realignment.

I call it a Realigned style because I really changed it to feature the content instead of the context. In short, I felt that the current blog style was less than efficient. With a few style tweaks and keeping everything in the same place you'd expect to find it (still a 2 column layout - entry on the left, navigation and scattered details on the right), hopefully you'll be drawn more to the post than to my background. The new style facilitates comprehension and retainment.

- The header photo features a beach in Napier, NZ
- There's no picture of yarn in the header. It's my blog and I feature what I want to ;)
- I managed to fit in some lime green, which I promised myself would be in the next version if I could suitably work it in.
- This entry was composed in Performancing for Firefox (extension).

For those of you who just read the RSS feed, here's a screencap of the new style.



I like the new layout! Yay for lime green! :)

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