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Cribs, knitting, and a Sinus Headache

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Those who have had the misfortune to live with me know that I'm a terrible weenie when I get sick. Oh yes, not only do I sit about and mope creating little pyramids of used kleenex, I complain like crazy.

And so, I tell you, I do not enjoy sinus headaches. With only one nostril working-- but still, what's with this headache? Sick? Oh no I better not be.

Other things that have been happening is some late nite knitting occasionally accompanied by a few hours of MTV Cribs. This is one of my not-so-guilty-but-I-should-be-asleep pleasures. It's not a show I tivo or catch religiously, but if I see that it will be on, I'll watch tv until it comes on. Yes, just so I can mock some star(let)'s need to prove themselves with Cristal and weird looking tires. Not to say I don't covet some of the nifty things they have like sunken bathtubs, industrial stoves, and stainless steel sub-zero's... But as much as it is to see these occasionally interesting homes (hello, you make $300k+ a year, what do you do with that? buy 3 plasma tv's, a tricked up car, and a pool table. Yo. You might as well just trash a manhattan hotel room and pick a fight at Spago's to say you've made it) it is fun to see who feels like they must maintain an "image". Who actually shows their family, a stocked fridge, and is polite when asking MTV to leave. Or on the other hand, which people felt the need to rent actors to populate their pads... Which leads me really to wonder, do most of these people just not have offices? No books? No computers? What do they do, send their assistants home with the iBook to load up their equally hip iPods?

Another holiday project got closer to completion today. Not that that's so extremely exciting just to say, 'cause there's no photos... But hey, it always gives me a nice little "whew!" to cross off one more item from the holiday knit list.

I skip cribs and go bed now.

Ooof I'm full.

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Tonight was the first knit night I've made it to in a while- you know, with finals and working on Mondays in the shop. Today, however, was special! Amy, one of the knit ladies and an instructor, formally announced her engagement and coincidentally, we had our holiday Potluck. Hollis ordered pizza, brought out some Bubbly, and the rest of us brought appetizers and desserts. Me? Last minute trip to the local epicurian supermarket produced some Baklava. Hey, it was baklava or the mini cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and I'm not SuperEggplant's Mariko so the Baklava won. Yummmm.

Not knit? What? Nooo, not me. I have a few secret projects under wraps:) Here's something I picked up because I couldn't resist: A skein of Artyarns in a green variant (I've been really into the greens) and it said "hat! hat! hat! me me hat!" Or maybe that was the yardage. So here's a picture of what it looked like before I knit another two inches, noticed a mistake an inch back, and ripped in search of giving myself grey hairs and bags underneath my eyes. Oh pattern. Right-
Nautilus by Marnie Maclean


I worked on a bit more since then and 1 skein might be enough. Of course, this hat calls for #6, but the yarn calls for #7's and I happened to have the 7's on hand (you'd think working in a yarn shop, I'd have plentiful access to all needle sizes but they sell really well!) so I used what I had. My eyelets are kinda gigantor....

In any case, a bunch of knitters reassured me and admired the hat without even being asked to (hah. you know you do) Orrrr... Maybe it was the yarn. It is suitably lovely to knit with and gorgeous- only $9 a skein, too! For a handpaint?!! What a great deal. Throw in superwash and I love me some Artyarns.

Lastly, did you know that the Lantern Moon Sheep Tape Measures has an adorable lone black sheep in every bag? I keep on resisting "baaaa!" in voices luring me towards it. They have a new tape measure in the shape of a bee, too.

The hat is calling!

Live Action Trellis

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Awwww. He just got up from a nap so his hair is sticking up.

He and his momma left sweet comments, too.

California Weather

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Ah the weather. Even in California it makes a good conversation piece. It has rained on and off these last few days but today there was thunder.

Just how unappealing was it outside?

See for yourself:

No really. It may not look it but you know how hard it is to get a photo of rain with a point and shoot camera. Here's a video taken with the little movie function of my digicam.

-- see the video link above.

And for actual knitterly content today, I give you a houndstooth stitch ponchette for my mom. It will keep her warm in the house because, possibly also because we live in California with 40-60 degrees (F) being the cold point, there is a conspicuous lack of heater usage. Which also kinda explains why I'm wearing my down coat indoors. The pattern is based on the Houndstooth Poncho in Weekend Knitting

Currently I have four balls of Mission Falls 1824 Wool and am knitting this up on my Denise #15 but with the way this stitch uses up yarn, i'm guessing I'll need double that amount of yarn and a good blocking. Maybe I should just pin it out and leave it outside for 10 minutes... Then bring it inside to dry.

Copy of PC010002.JPG

Here's the close-up:
Copy of PC010003.JPG

I think this stitch would also make a very nice men's scarf and you might be able to get away with using DK weight and #9+ needles.

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