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one skein finito

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Outdoor One Skein Wonder

Knit with : South West Trading Co Bamboo in "Special Exclusive Colorway aka Serendipity"
Needles :
- Denise #10 to get gauge. Which really run to 5.6mm. US #9 = 5.5 mm
- Clover #7 29" circular
Size: 16" for ease and because bamboo has very little elasticity.

Two balls of same yarn held together to get gauge. Or semblance thereof. Plenty of yarn left over to make a few washcloths. Total time? Two days or so.

What I might change. The outer ribbing seems like an underarm poof thing. Maybe an applied i-cord might be a good idea? Also, might rip out the edging to re-bind-off using #10 instead of #7. #7 gives a large enough but slightly tight feeling. Somehow modify the arm area so there's less of a wrinkle.

Easy knitting while watching tv. Getting gauge is the only tricky part as I knit tight and bamboo doesn't stretch like wool.

Bamboo yarn is pleasant to knit with and provides good stitch definition. Also a light halo and fuzz to the yarn. Easier on my fingers than some cottons

Closeup One Skein Wonder Outdoors

Close up

Frontal One Skein Wonder

Indoor with dirty mirror

Gauge matters

Gauge. heh heh Gauge. The two one skein wonders in comparison.

Will I knit this again? Probably. Maybe after I get some different needles. Just one skein is so hard to resist. Another thought- this might be an affordable Rowan Calmer project if you adjust for gauge difference

blogher female bloggers and knitbloggers

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Update: I know I said I was going to go and tell them about us, but surprise surprise, they actually managed to sell out today. I hadn't registered due to my summer schedule (academics and taking advantage of summer) so I guess I'll be listening to it via podcast on itconversations.

Norma posted how she noticed an aspect about knitblogging I totally agree with and felt the MIT survey researchers should know
b) One observation I've made from the beginning is that we knitbloggers are a completely different breed than most bloggers. We are far more interactive than the others, and far more likely to meet each other in person and become close acquaintances and friends. (or am I just being ethnocentric?)
Did you see this Women in Blog conference?
Mission Statement: "The guys all know each other, but we don't...What do I want to get out of [a BlogHer Conference]? More leads to interesting women so that I can follow their writings and mention them in my blog." - Charlene Li, Principal Analyst and Blogger, Forrester Research"
This is in relation to point b) where I feel that these blog-ladies have not stumbled upon the knit blogs. The majority is female, can sway knitter opinion, and blog with frequency. Some are able to commercialize their success (thank goodness for bookbookbook!). We know of each other, if not actually know each other - You say Yarn Harlot and we immediately know who you're talking about. We meet up deliberately and even when we run past each other at a yarn sale or knit group, we get an inking of "Heeeeyyyy. Isn't that? (Some knitter I know via her blog but now get to meet in person?)" We're high tech- when the Harlot comes to the tech-worshiping west coast, there will probably be live "at the event" blogging. Camera picture "moblogging". Maybe even audio blogging. We've got our own podcast. We've got knitalongs and web-rings. We've got video tutorials and image "follow alongs" to show new techniques. And bloglines? RSS? old hat, thankyouverymuch.

yarn makes me feel better about wonky gauge

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{flickr tags = yarn | oneskeinwonder }

Okay. Just look at the sizing comparing to a Real Simple Magazine. No, I'm tiny but not that tiny. I will repeat this endeavor soon after ripping this and hope to get gauge. Once again, I shouldn't have trusted the band on the ball and my silly notions of getting gauge. Harumph. It was the same knitter's insanity that told me to forge ahead, much like sweetgeorgia's OSW

Sizing-wize, I think I'll aim for the third sizing- 15" shoulder to shoulder, rather than 14" on way too tiny gauge.

Oops. But what do I have to make me feel better? Read on!

10 little toes

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I saw my little nephew yesterday who isn't so little anymore. Despite only being a few months old, he is wearing 6 month or 9 month clothes. This kid was born in April! Whew. Good thing I'm knitting up Trellis for a 1 year old. Maybe he'll need it by fall.

Also, while knitting along and admiring the cute baby, I missed knitting in a buttonhole. Ooops. Put one in later. That'll just be the buttonhole memorialized for the cuteness of my nephew.

sockapal2za_button.gif In other knitting news, I signed up for the Sockapal-2-za
to encourage me to learn to knit socks. Person who will receive my beginner socks, not to worry, I have some master sock knitters around me to help me out. Really. Don't worry. Two. Two socks. Right? I can do this. Sure.

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