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O Canada

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O Canada, How you have lovely woollies.

I finished a sock made of Fleece Artist intended for my Pop. I just modified the pattern a bit by putting in some ribbing so the sock wouldn't look abnormally huge. He doesn't understand hand knit sock ease. Yes, even after giving me this cold, I give him hand knit socks. Fleece Artist Hand knit Socks. It might not be a sweater knit out of hand spun, but considering I seem to have managed to lose one of my INOX #1.5 dpns which will necessitate a trip to the yarn store (where I plan to stock up on additional sets of 6" dpns)... The other yarn store in town carries them :) and I prefer metal since I have a grip-o-death. Snap, the needle, Crackle and Pop, the freecia. You can't really tell by the photo, but the yarn has a great sheen. Nice stuff to work with, too.


Of course, an order specially sent to Wool N Things in Ontario, Canada, also snagged me a few other items hard to get here.

Much coveted and hopefully will be knit from soon- Phildar 425 with English Insert. *wild laughter* I like a lot of these patterns.


Add in some 3mm needles (she carries 7mm too) and some anxious waiting during the Holiday Rush and I'm a really happy Customer. Gisèle provides excellent service as was very patient while I asked her lots of questions during her Anniversary Sale.

Want some more Canadian goodness? Gorgeous Handmaiden Yarn purchased on eBay.

But what have I managed to accomplish? Well, a set of the garter stitch Wrist Warmers made in Cherry Tree Hill Super Worsted (Dusk colorway?) were my friend Greg's Christmas Gift. Hopefully they're keeping his hands warm on his commute. I forgot to get a photo of them before I gifted them and there seems to be some reluctance in taking a Live Action Shot for me, so... Maybe a no-model posed shot, huh?

And for the boyfriend? A Knitty Satchel


I used webbing for the strap with a belt buckle so he can adjust the length.


Made of Cascade 220 and felting at Full Thread Ahead in the Felting Monster (as I like to call it) or Agitating Washing Machine. I did return a skein of the MC which I didn't end up using, probably because I didn't make the strap.

And yes, I'm still sick. This is the 5th day and I'm passing up a good Chinese New Year's dinner because I sound like a hoarse frog. It's gotten to be pretty annoying so I am going to try a belated Norma Cure. So far I do seem to be coughing less and learned that citrus causes mucus. Ooooooh. Oops. The great things you learn from Knitting Blogs.

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