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Mice Will Play

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New goodies in the store!


New Lantern Moon Circulars are in stock!


Along with a few new fantastic bags and baskets.


Big box of Tahki for the upcoming Leaf Sweater Class which starts next week. Anxious students can come by and pick up their yarn, pattern, and needles.

Swap Michigan - California

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Mel [ blog ] said she "gives good package" and I gotta say she gives Great Package. Check it out!


We've got a custom made Needle Holder (which is what we initially started out with). Then she put in sushi envelopes made just for me. The Magknits sushi kit was a bonus. The gorgeous stitch markers were a total surprise, along with chopsticks and chapstick (perfect combo!) and other knitterly goodies.

Thanks for a fantastic swap Mel! Also, send her some good thoughts and positive energy. She put this entire package together and sent it off while her Dad is in the hospital.

I sent some Japanese Snacks and Red Silk Fabric (for luck). Flickr is having a massage right now, but her package is here

Arrowhead shawl gifted

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This is what the Arrowhead Shawl looks like on a person instead of pinned to a blocking board.


Pretty Cute!

Photo goodness

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A pictoral recap of some fun stuff from last week:


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