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back is 33cm long

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back is 33cm long

Sway progress report. Lookie Lookie!



Sway cardie is buried in the depths of my bag right now. After knitting about 4 inches, I discovered that I had done the fatal careless cast on. Missing casting on about 10 stitches resulting in a much skinnier back piece and didn't discover this major brain fart until I'd knit up about 4 inches. Deep breaths. Okay.
Started over given the happy fact that I have many more balls of wound yarn. Got to a little more than the point I was at in only two days. Then my McGuyver-like pieces o string of yarn counters fell off, yet again. Then, in another brain numbing eye opening session of examination (I seem to examine when I can't figure out what is going wrong) that I had accidentally purled a few knits down by the ribbing. Oh, nothing major. But enough to irk me to pieces. I think I finally found the one thing I might be a control freak over. Really, I am not quite sure why, other than the fact that I want my sweater to be perfect since I'll actually wear it and and. Aauuugah! I need to stop harping. I just need to sit down, drop that stitch 40 some times, then crochet pick-up back up and repeat for all of them. Hey, it beats re-knitting the entire back.

color of mold not in dispute


Melissa said that she thought this site was based on blue. I was under the same misconception but my mother says I keep on bringing home mouldy greens (the same color as the website as a few photos have proven). She also pronounces my less than tidy hair to "look like a homeless person's". That's a mom for ya. I'd be slightly worried if there weren't these teenage-like points of contention.

sniffing room

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Not enough room to breathe, but enough to take a bit of the remainder of the evening lightly when I came home around 9:30. Congratulating myself (and my project partner Joanna, yes Joanna from high school) for having done swimmingly well on our project. Went and bugged my dad with snippets of comments I perceived in my puffed up state as praise from my Prof. Now just some more documentation and the second part of the project. And the final.
Ughah. About a week and a half more to go where once again time seems to speed by too quickly. Yes, it is the end of the quarter and finals ;)

Started a new knitting project today- Sway Sweater by Kim Hargreaves on the knitrowan website. The yarn is the Debbie Bliss Merino DK I bought fairly recently at a sweet Uncommon Threads sale. $3 a ball for 110m! Yes, in the color of this webpage. Mouldy green may just be my default color. I almost purchased a lovely darker blue with a slight bit of green-grey in Merino Aran but the yardage was so much less for the same price. That turns out to have been a slightly bad choice. Read on for a few things I've learned in the process so far. Especially point #6. #6 is a wonderful point I wish someone had told me about before I parsed (yes I am a geek) an entire graph for the back and left front.

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