Cribs, knitting, and a Sinus Headache

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Those who have had the misfortune to live with me know that I'm a terrible weenie when I get sick. Oh yes, not only do I sit about and mope creating little pyramids of used kleenex, I complain like crazy.

And so, I tell you, I do not enjoy sinus headaches. With only one nostril working-- but still, what's with this headache? Sick? Oh no I better not be.

Other things that have been happening is some late nite knitting occasionally accompanied by a few hours of MTV Cribs. This is one of my not-so-guilty-but-I-should-be-asleep pleasures. It's not a show I tivo or catch religiously, but if I see that it will be on, I'll watch tv until it comes on. Yes, just so I can mock some star(let)'s need to prove themselves with Cristal and weird looking tires. Not to say I don't covet some of the nifty things they have like sunken bathtubs, industrial stoves, and stainless steel sub-zero's... But as much as it is to see these occasionally interesting homes (hello, you make $300k+ a year, what do you do with that? buy 3 plasma tv's, a tricked up car, and a pool table. Yo. You might as well just trash a manhattan hotel room and pick a fight at Spago's to say you've made it) it is fun to see who feels like they must maintain an "image". Who actually shows their family, a stocked fridge, and is polite when asking MTV to leave. Or on the other hand, which people felt the need to rent actors to populate their pads... Which leads me really to wonder, do most of these people just not have offices? No books? No computers? What do they do, send their assistants home with the iBook to load up their equally hip iPods?

Another holiday project got closer to completion today. Not that that's so extremely exciting just to say, 'cause there's no photos... But hey, it always gives me a nice little "whew!" to cross off one more item from the holiday knit list.

I skip cribs and go bed now.


I'm a total baby-pants when I'm sick, too, so I feel your pair. And sinus headaches are the WORST! I hope you are feeling better and that you have a great holiday!

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