Ooof I'm full.

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Tonight was the first knit night I've made it to in a while- you know, with finals and working on Mondays in the shop. Today, however, was special! Amy, one of the knit ladies and an instructor, formally announced her engagement and coincidentally, we had our holiday Potluck. Hollis ordered pizza, brought out some Bubbly, and the rest of us brought appetizers and desserts. Me? Last minute trip to the local epicurian supermarket produced some Baklava. Hey, it was baklava or the mini cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and I'm not SuperEggplant's Mariko so the Baklava won. Yummmm.

Not knit? What? Nooo, not me. I have a few secret projects under wraps:) Here's something I picked up because I couldn't resist: A skein of Artyarns in a green variant (I've been really into the greens) and it said "hat! hat! hat! me me hat!" Or maybe that was the yardage. So here's a picture of what it looked like before I knit another two inches, noticed a mistake an inch back, and ripped in search of giving myself grey hairs and bags underneath my eyes. Oh pattern. Right-
Nautilus by Marnie Maclean


I worked on a bit more since then and 1 skein might be enough. Of course, this hat calls for #6, but the yarn calls for #7's and I happened to have the 7's on hand (you'd think working in a yarn shop, I'd have plentiful access to all needle sizes but they sell really well!) so I used what I had. My eyelets are kinda gigantor....

In any case, a bunch of knitters reassured me and admired the hat without even being asked to (hah. you know you do) Orrrr... Maybe it was the yarn. It is suitably lovely to knit with and gorgeous- only $9 a skein, too! For a handpaint?!! What a great deal. Throw in superwash and I love me some Artyarns.

Lastly, did you know that the Lantern Moon Sheep Tape Measures has an adorable lone black sheep in every bag? I keep on resisting "baaaa!" in voices luring me towards it. They have a new tape measure in the shape of a bee, too.

The hat is calling!



Oh, I want a black sheep tape measure! Why is it ebay can bring me pink chibis and not that?

I tried to read your store website at Full Thread Ahead but it loaded funny on Netscape. Also, the search function failed on 'needles'.
I thought you should know.

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