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Secret Pal Reveal!

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Betsy of 2ktog was my secret pal. She had a little capsule message that said "Your Secret Pal has been Betsy from 2KTOG! You snoop, you knew!"

Ah yes. I suspected. *BIG GRIN* and it wasn't even due to snooping. It was because chicknits, a very famous blog, linked to their blog and I visited that link and said, whoa, this is just like my secret pal. I admit I snooped a tiny bit, but this just fell into my lap. Don't hate me for it :) All this aside, Betsy sent a lot of surprises my way and my eyes haven't lost their saucer-like look yet.


Betsy, once again, spot on. I have the Real Simple Mag on my wishlist :)! I've wanted it for more than a year! (I hope no one purchased it for me for xmas. hehehe. We seem to do a lot of gift "claiming". Some people call shotgun. We call gifts.) The colorful tape measure can be purchased at the container store. She made me stitch markers will little bells on them! PERFECT. Now I might be able to find them when I drop them! There's a staple-less stapler. Betsy. My friends are laughing out loud right now. I'm known as "the Stapler Queen" to my friends because, well, let me say that staplers amuse me. Greatly. They're laughing even more because I love a Japanese Stationary which carries this particular type of stapler :) and all sorts of fun office gadgets (eraser sweeper cars!). Yes, the cute little book is also funny as it is Mr. Nosey. Hehe.

Thanks ever so much Betsy/Blanca. Secret Pal 3 was such a hoot. Soo much fun. Have a great holiday season! I'm still working on ideas for the alpaca silk and trying to make sure I don't drool on it. My friends agree, especially when we go to the yarn store and pet their alpaca silk, that you so rock. Funny story- my friend Robin, a total non-knitter, went to the yarn store to pick out yarn for me. Is this friendship or what? Even after I listed several books and a wishlist she still gets me the hardest gift of all- yarn. Anyhow, she's standing in this yarn store and basically is whimpering. This is funny. She knows nothing about yarn other than what we force fed her in a round-trip car ride to Vancouver from Seattle. She was whimpering in the car, then, too. Such a brave brave friend! Thanks Robin! Now I just have to figure out what to get her! (I think I know I think I know.)

Starbucks must be getting rich off the knitters who are frantically knitting around the clock. Me? I'm taking the febreeze to vegas with the yarn.

post finals

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My desk seems to have exploded. Note the random balls and swatches of yarn...
It really doesn't normally look this bad. Two of the piles are books and such that need to be filed away. Notes to be put into storage.

Yes, you do spy some new Japanese knitting books!
Pinku kindly did a swap with me and sent me cute books from Japan. They have droolmarks on them already. The one on the left is full of cute accessories, the middle is a clever clover brand pamphlet with patterns inside, and on the right is some gorgeous crochet projects. Yes, my ability to crochet is currently laughable but just you wait. I wiiiilll learn just to make the most gorgeous bag.

Lovely stamps from Japan.

Lastly, finishing up a mittenette for mama who requested white yarn. Don't look too closely, I accidentally knit two right ones except luckily, the thumb is all done through increases and not knit into the palm like some mittens are. So I decided to leave it since only a knitter would notice the mistake :)

Off to clean up this desk. Yeez. It's really bad. Comfort yarn strewn about. Then back to work.

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