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sneaking a break


Made a jaunt to Uncommon Threads yesterday with Melissa and Greg (yes, both our boyfriends have gone and stayed in yarn stores with us. aww) where she picked up some lovely yarn for a new project. I happen to once again have yarn envy since Melissa's currently working on a hat made of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky she scored when I tipped her off to the sale.

I've taken a quick break and broken into the world of double pointed needles to make these great fingerless mittens . I had wanted to use my lone ball of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino aran since they said worsted weight would do. No gauge was specified. After casting on 30 stitches I surmised that even with my smaller hands, there was no way that the cuff would fit over my hand. A quick check reveals a gauge of 16 stitches for 4 inches for the yarn used in the pattern. Whoa. Not the right weight of yarn to match the ones I've got in my hands. So I abandon my dreams of cashmerino mittenettes and grab some cotton blend called Deminstyle I bought at Michaels and cast on. Muuch better.

Then I was knitting away so intently to produce something worth photographing that I went from having my stitches spread over three dpn to two dpn1.


Lemme fix that-

Okay, off to study what's under the yarn.

1 Double Pointed Needles

slow and steady wins the race

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On the knitting front - working on a christmas scarf in my spare time in class breaks and other spare moments. Worked on it some at Melissa's where I had to rip out an inch or so since I lost a cabled stitch. The pattern is the Good ole Cabled scarf and my cables are looking a bit wonky. Some are larger than others. The scarf is a bit skinny, too. Oops. Never mind that- it's ALPACA! Made with love (or wanting to commit hara kiri via needle during a class which shall go unnamed because I honestly think the teacher might be trying his/her best and it's a important but dull subject matter for me).

What have I been doing instead of knitting? See the other post from today. I'm adding "time to knit" to my christmas wishlist. Of course, new patterns to knit would be nice... and yarn. Did I mention the new Debbie Bliss Yarn Club to anyone? I have a posting saved in draft format. I'll have to publish that. 1 xmas list coming up.

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