California Weather

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Ah the weather. Even in California it makes a good conversation piece. It has rained on and off these last few days but today there was thunder.

Just how unappealing was it outside?

See for yourself:

No really. It may not look it but you know how hard it is to get a photo of rain with a point and shoot camera. Here's a video taken with the little movie function of my digicam.

-- see the video link above.

And for actual knitterly content today, I give you a houndstooth stitch ponchette for my mom. It will keep her warm in the house because, possibly also because we live in California with 40-60 degrees (F) being the cold point, there is a conspicuous lack of heater usage. Which also kinda explains why I'm wearing my down coat indoors. The pattern is based on the Houndstooth Poncho in Weekend Knitting

Currently I have four balls of Mission Falls 1824 Wool and am knitting this up on my Denise #15 but with the way this stitch uses up yarn, i'm guessing I'll need double that amount of yarn and a good blocking. Maybe I should just pin it out and leave it outside for 10 minutes... Then bring it inside to dry.

Copy of PC010002.JPG

Here's the close-up:
Copy of PC010003.JPG

I think this stitch would also make a very nice men's scarf and you might be able to get away with using DK weight and #9+ needles.


Send pattern for stitch!!!

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