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Brad Choate: MT-Textile 2.0.2 retouch

For some nifty stuff. What you can do with MT-Textile.

slow rebuild culprit found!


The Recent Links Module has been tried and found guilty of Massive Rebuild Slowdown and has been taken off the website. Commenting and rebuilding is lightning fast now!

So, just so you know!
Don't use the LinksMentioned plugin unless you're prepared to wait an extra two minutes for rebuilds!

Someday I'll figure out a way to get around this. In the meantime, well, you'll have to live without the handy list of mentioned links in the sidebar.

The speed versus usability evaluation says the site should rebuild in less than 60 seconds. Usability, while it was nice, the links are included in the entry bodies, after all.

posting time

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It takes how long to post?

get furled


I've been using to capture/bookmark what I've been perusing. It actually makes a snapshop and bookmarks what you were reading. It also has space for a clipping (just highlight the text you want, click the button, and it shows up in the clipping section) that furl can search through. So say you remember some piece of news you furled but not the name. Do a search and it'll go through the keywords (and I think the clipping) to find that article/website you're looking for.

My furled sites are now in the sidebar, but if you're wondering what I've furled in entirety, you can subscribe to my furl list or take a look at my site. It also comes in email and RSS format so go ahead, invade my privacy.

winamp hover playlist update

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I wasn't quite happy with audiomatch's lack of ability to display shoutcast stations so I've implemented the latest version of the winamp hover playlist. I've limited the current list to three entries, so those of you that felt it was cluttering up the landscape should be happy. It doesn't do anything fancy until you mouseover it (If you hadn't figured that out yet).

Virtual Venus's Winamp Hoverable Playlist isn't the easiest plug-in to install. If this is your first or second plug-in and you don't feel up it, remember to make backups of all your files and a free weekend to get this one working. If you're decent with this kind of stuff, I seem to recall (I already had the first version implemented) that it took me a few hours. Definitely NOT plug and play.

new template

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As you can see, I've reverted back to the two column format and changed the template. Hope you think it looks nice. Haven't edited the scrollbar as I'm undecided about what to do with that. Sometimes I like the scrollbar to match, sometimes it's the root of all evil.
There's enough badly designed websites out there so I t hink I'll just leave the scrollbar alone for now.
There's plenty of templates from the same place I got this one. Many are nature related and/or somewhat feminine.

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