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wardrobe change


The last style was cute but not user friendly. It didn't resize well and I was told the load time stank. Well, here's a modified version of another style I've snagged from the glen road girls.
I've changed the colors and etc, removed some graphics, but it does resize nicely (at least it should) and comment on it please :) Does it load, how are the colors, etc. It might look a bit funny, but that's my hodge-podging.

new style


Just because you weren't reminded of your allergies already, I've changed the template a bit. No Doubt Greg will grumble grumble about load times ;) and I'm grumbling about how this isn't resize friendly (those of us who use high res will notice that full window looks worse than a smaller window. silly designers). But I think this will hold me over until I decide to play with something else.
At least it isn't as pink.

On a side note, more friends came back from Taiwan where they went to vote. I took a picture of the newest mochi batch, then I came to notice that the brown sesame filled ones looked like uhm, well, something unappetizing. Anyhow. You'll just have to make do with the allergy inducing photo of a tree from our backyard.

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