winamp hover playlist update

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I wasn't quite happy with audiomatch's lack of ability to display shoutcast stations so I've implemented the latest version of the winamp hover playlist. I've limited the current list to three entries, so those of you that felt it was cluttering up the landscape should be happy. It doesn't do anything fancy until you mouseover it (If you hadn't figured that out yet).

Virtual Venus's Winamp Hoverable Playlist isn't the easiest plug-in to install. If this is your first or second plug-in and you don't feel up it, remember to make backups of all your files and a free weekend to get this one working. If you're decent with this kind of stuff, I seem to recall (I already had the first version implemented) that it took me a few hours. Definitely NOT plug and play.


Hey Freecia!

So I'm making a big switch from At&t. You think I should go with Verizon or Sprint? I can't decide. They both seem the exact same to me. Even have very similar phones.

How's your Sprint service throughout the south bay and through out the nation? According to the Sprint nationwide map, it looked like most of the areas were roaming. Is that true? Anyways, if you have any input, let's chat.

Take care and talk soon!!!


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