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Geek it - Maker Faire

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I've been a bad bad blogger, no yarn for me!

So if I haven't been knitting much, what have I been doing? Hmmm. Well, I've been nurturing my first love: Gadgetry- the making and the breaking.1 If you haven't heard of the Maker Faire and you're a geek, you're missing out. It is a bit between a huge adult science fair and general glee of making /crafting stuff. Put on by the O'Reilly folks (aka publisher of the animal cover computer books) and a bunch of sponsors, this is the second annual Maker Faire and full of fun stuff.

What kind of stuff? Well. How about awesome Bots Fights?


And the techshop brought along some of their equipment so you could learn how to weld.


There's a "bazaar bizarre" craft fair that had lots of nifty handmade items and I escaped without buying anything.

But one of the reasons I just HAD to go today? EepyBird's LIVE MENTOS FOUNTAIN Show. Oh Yeah. I put my camera out there to get sprayed by diet coke and captured the show from the sidelines.

Full File for bandwidth thrill seekers. [.mp4 file: 58.7MB]

So what did I buy? I purchased the large joby gorilla pod tripod 'cause the nice people of joby were there. I already have the small one and it is handy. Along with my invite to Ravelry and some time this afternoon, I should be able to photograph some of my yarn stash! I wanted a few forever cupcakes but I want them to be pink cupcakes (for you know who )

This year's event was larger than last year's, with the addition of a new building on the fairground. It will still be going on tomorrow, May 20th (Sunday) so get while the getting's good!

1 It really was one of my first loves. Screwdrivers + me = disassembled machinery go way back. Maybe this also explains my love for staplers...

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