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Yet another nifty geeky site. Hack-a-Day has a link to how to make your own lava lamp :)

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Google Hacks

I guess I'm a google-phile and this would be a fun site for those of you interested in using google beyond the interface

Ever wish you had google on your phone? Try google sms but make sure you get free SMS, first. Verizon Customers, you are probably out of luck unless you pay for the sms package. AT&T is only free to receive, costs to send. Sprint- if you're paying for the internet pack and have a newer phone which supports sms, this should be "free" (included in the $15 fee each month)

Another neat site is YouSendIt which basically allows you to upload files and send the link to your friend where she can then click the link and download the file. Beats wondering about email size limitations and bouncing.

And the color wheel everyone has seen once but forgot to bookmark and is now cursing themselves.

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